Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Transformation with Beachbody

My fitness journey didn’t really start until I had a huge wakeup call in my junior year of college. I was constantly binge eating, taking food to-go from the dining hall and eating my feelings alone in my dorm room. It was a horribly lonely time of my life.

I started getting sick all the time and not knowing why. I was in the allergists' office up to three times in one month with debilitating allergies that gave me horrible flu-like symptoms. I got two scratch tests which are a ton of needles being poked in your back and you are very exposed, itchy, and  uncomfortable . . .  and both times they found nothing.

I was told I have "non allergic rhinitis," which is basically having allergy symptoms without being able to take any sort of medication that would help. I remember the last time I was in the allergists' office and the nurse asked me to get on the scale. I had a breakdown in the nurse's office because I thought the scale was broken. I had never been that heavy in my life, and it was a huge wakeup call.

My last year of college, I had a decline in all the relationships in my life and this was the biggest wakeup call that I needed. My roommate had a program called Turbo Jam that we started doing together and that is basically what changed my life. Having that source of accountability is what I needed to get my life back on track.

After losing 10 pounds with Turbo Jam, I graduated to Turbo Fire. This was my soulmate workout!
 I lost another 25 pounds but that was only because I had found my coach on Instagram and we immediately connected. I joined one of her challenge groups where I logged my workout everyday, I would see positive feedback from others who were going through the same struggles, and we would lift each other up.


I had been doing Turbo Fire for 5 months and lost about 30 pounds before realizing I was basically coaching. Therefore, I signed up as a Beachbody coach my last quarter of college, and wanted to make my own accountability group to help women like me gain their confidence, self esteem, and body back.

I began my High Voltage challenge with a program called Insanity. Jumping from Turbo Fire to 21 Day Fix, and then Insnaity was a HUGE leap. I wanted to make this group all about finding your badass self and becoming the strong, confident person you want to be. I strive to make this the goal in every challenge I do monthly.

Insanity results

I have new themes each month to keep everyone super pumped up and interested, but the same High Voltage Challenge is just about conquering your inner voice that says you cant do something and then coming out of your shell as this high on life ROCKSTAR! That is my goal for every single person that I help.

When I first ran my challenge with Insanity, I completed month 1 and then I had signed up to go hike Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this giant mountain, but there are several points on the way up to this almost 5,000 foot high beast of a hike and I used to fail repeatedly every time making it even to the first waterfall that was less than a mile. I would make it halfway to the bridge and basically have a panic attack.

After completeling only 1 month of Insanity, I reached the top of Half Dome! I proved everyone wrong (mostly myself) and I climbed those cables, lived on the edge (literally), and it was the biggest milestone of my life besides graduating college!

Half Dome Hike

Beachbody gave me my life back. I now look forward to getting up and pressing play, knowing that I can do this in my own house, without having to go to the gym and not knowing what to do, having to pay a gym membership every month, not feeling comfortable being stared at by others in the gym, feeling judged… its just me and my trainer at home. My motivation comes from within, but my accountabitlity comes from my group. My High Voltage challengers are the most positive and inspiring individuals I’ll ever meet. If we ever get down on ourselves, we talk about personal development that has helped us. I also highlight nutrition as the main factor of what has helped me get this far.

I know there is the 80/20 rule where results come from 80% nutrition and 20%fitness, but I never understood that until I started drinking Shakeology and actually saw the results that I had always wanted. It was a defining moment when I cut out alcohol to afford getting this shake monthly, to factoring it into my grocery budget….because I had finally realized my priorities.


When I look back at the way I used to look, I remember how I felt everyday: sad, heavy, tired, yet hopeful that something or someone would help me get out of this rut that was now my daily life. Beachbody was that hope for me, and it continues to be the reason I feel so fulfilled every morning that I wakeup.

It’s amazing that I don’t have to pay a ton of money to get the results I’ve achieved. I’ve only ever seen progress with Beachbody. My transformation, my lifestyle change, and my career have all come from Beachbody.

I can’t believe how much my coach has done for me, how much positivity I’ve seen, how many amazing people I’ve connected with, and I can’t wait to see who wants to be next in this life-changing journey.

Half Dome Hike

For more information on the High Voltage Challenge, email me at

I can't wait to get started!! <3

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