Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Turbo Fire Testimonial

To put it simply, Turbo Fire saved my life. 
Without starting this program in my last year of college, I would have gained even more weight, had zero confidence, lost my relationship, and I don't even want to think of the downfall of my health.

I felt like I was always the downer around my friends and family. I was constantly negative, depressed, and I did not have any self-esteem. It was very hard for me to go out and have fun when I could not even look at myself in the mirror. When I was out of shape, I could not keep up with the physical activities my family loves to take part in, and I always felt like the outsider.

Turbo Fire Transformation

I felt like I was sick all of the time because I was so unhealthy. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was because of my weight, but mainly nutrition. I had debilitating allergies and would be in the allergist’s office three times a month, always with flu symptoms. No one knew what was wrong with me and it was very frustrating and emotionally damaging thinking that they didn’t believe me.

What finally motivated me to lose weight and get healthy was that I was in my last year of college and my health was declining. I was constantly sick, my clothes didn’t fit, and I was borderline depressed. My relationships were on a downhill spiral, and I had zero confidence in myself. I could not even look in the mirror. So when my roommate took out her Turbo Jam program and told me about it, we started working out together everyday. This led me to Turbo Fire and 25 pounds gone!

Beachbody Transformation

After losing the weight, I could power walk uphill to class and not feel winded. I actually climbed to the top of Half Dome this summer because I was feeling the best I ever have! I was never able to even climb to the top of the shortest waterfall in Yosemite, but I conquered the hardest mountain in the entire valley because I changed my lifestyle so drastically. I am also off allergy pills, and rarely get sick anymore. I attribute this to Shakeology.

Since I was already a Turbo lover, I thought Turbo Fire would be the best next step. I absolutely love fun cardio workouts, and I also heard that the music in this program was outstanding. I am a dancer, so I knew that this would keep me motivated and actually stick with the program longer than a month or two.

Chalene Johnson’s high energy, the fun moves, and how many classes the advanced version comes with made me excited to work out every single day. The music is definitely one of the top best parts of Turbo Fire, but I get bored so easily yet I stuck with this program without a problem because of the amount of classes there were!

With this program, I went beyond what I thought was possible with my weight loss goal. I am still on my health and fitness journey, but without this program, I would be stuck back at my heaviest weight and probably have never become a coach. Every time I lost 5 pounds, I would celebrate with a new workout shirt or something I’ve been wanting for a while. This is important to celebrate any fitness accomplishment, and I will definitely always go back to Turbo Fire. It is my soul mate workout and I still do it often. Whenever I push play, I can’t help but smile because I know how it makes me feel—both during and after.

Before and After

I feel like I have completely transformed—both physically and emotionally! I now have the confidence to wear clothing where I don’t always have to cover up and feel ashamed of my body. I feel free to say yes to invitations to go hiking, go to the beach, and participate in activities I used to shy away from. I smile more, laugh often, and my family has seen this huge change in me as well. I’ve truly never been happier, and it really did all start with Turbo Fire. I 100% believe that it changed my life for the better.

Are you ready to make a change in your health and your fitness routine? Do you feel stuck? Do you struggle with portion control, healthy eating, or need a kickstart? I would love to talk to you about your journey and see what I can do to personally help you get to your goals :)

Email me at so we can discuss my High Voltage Challenge and how you can start living your healthiest life TODAY <3


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