Friday, March 20, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Progress

21 Day Fix Extreme Transformation

You know, I still get so down on myself every time I take a progress pic, but then I look back at where I started or how much I've progressed. 

It's just insane looking back at the beginning of this year compared to a few weeks ago. After a week of the 21 Day Fix Extreme, I feel SO much stronger. I can lift heavier, do more reps, go longer, and I'm finally seeing my problem areas start to fade! 

My nutrition still is far from perfect (and I'll be doing a 21 day reset in April for that...more to come), but I've realized what my body NEEDS and what it can do without.

I KNOW that dairy, pizza, and cheese will do more harm than good for my body. I KNOW that white carbs will just make me feel and look bloated...but until I dig deep and think about WHY I'm doing this to begin with, those excuses will keep taunting me.

I love food so much. There, I said it! It's been my friend during hardships in college and life and I relied on it's short-term happiness for way too long. Now I really know through trial and error what makes me feel GOOD and vibrant and healthy and HAPPY! I must say it's pretty freeing!

That said, this Flashback Friday goes out to all those awesome people getting started on their fitness journeys who don't have the support they need. I'm here to say you've got this, you are WORTH it, and you're going to look DAMN good this summer!! <3

But if you need that daily accountability, shoot me an email because I'd love to be that constant help :)
Now go get your workout in!

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