Thursday, March 5, 2015

Insanity Max 30 Results

Insanity Max 30

My Results with the at-home program Insanity Max: 30 were UNREAL!!

Even though I didn't lose a ton of weight, I saw a significant increase in muscle. I have never felt stronger than in this program. 30 minutes with Shaun T and you will be drenched in sweat, but you'll feel like you climbed a mountain!

And believe me when I say... I know that feeling for real because Insanity made me dig deep, and after month one I climbed to the top of Half Dome. Insanity Max: 30 has only 30 minute workouts, 5 days a week, with a 20 minute "recovery" workout on the weekend. 

Insanity Max 30 results

After 1 month (this was end of December to beginning of February), I saw phenomenal progress in my endurance. I almost DOUBLED my Max out time--which is going as hard as you can with proper form until you have to take a break. My legs leaned out, my arms got more toned, my stomach shrank, and I was feeling strong for the second time in my life! The first time was after Insanity :)

insanity max 30 transformation

I was pretty nervous starting this program because I had shin splints for a while and I was worried this would cause a flare up. However, I never had to ice or take Advil for ANY pain. I would modify occasionally, because really...10 minutes of different types of pushups gets a little ridiculous, BUT I never had pain from an injury or any type of setback. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my body adjusted to the intensity.

insanity max 30

I was actually enjoying my daily dose of Shaun T. His motivation is what kept me going! Every single workout had a motivational speech from him talking to his class and he would get you SO pumped up! He is by far the most motivational trainer, and with his confidence, bluntness, and hilarious one-liners, I crushed every workout.

insanity max 30

There is an option to have the modifier on the screen the entire time, and I definitely took advantage of this. I would blast my own playlist, turn Shaun T up so I could hear his constant inspirational messages, and I went for it!! What I loved about these workouts was that there was a cool down that lasted about 2-3 minutes. The stretches were amazing (as shown above) and I like that it was separate from the workout. There was a sense of community when you were getting through the workout, and at the end of a lot of the classes, everyone would do the last few moves together in a circle, and the camera would pan around--you would SEE the sweat, intensity, and struggle that EVERY ONE, no matter their fitness level, was going through.

We were all in it together, and Shaun T's gratitude at the end was really uplifting.

Insanity Max 30 Transformation

Here are my 60 Day Insanity Max: 30 Results :)

My legs have toned up, my stomach has shrunk (I owe this to all the amazing core and cardio work, along with my drastic change in diet--I am now completely plant-based), my arms have toned up, my face as well, and I lost a few inches all over. I lost about 5 pounds, but I gained quite a bit of muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, and I know how dangerous the scale can be, so I don't look at it very often. I measure my success based on how I FEEL, and I feel incredible :) This program was such a game-changer, and I know I'll definitely be going back to this after I'm done with my next one!

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