Friday, March 27, 2015

My First Transformation with Beachbody

I wanted to do a quick Flashback Friday to one of my first transformation pictures. The left is when I started my last year of college and the right is six months later. Who knew in college I would get a wakeup call to start living a healthy lifestyle? 

It was really all about portion control and moderation at that point in my life. I just didn't realize how many calories I was consuming every single day, and most of them were white, sugary, nutrition empty carbs. If you are at your wits end with how you feel about your health, I urge you to just start introducing new foods into your diet. Don't think, 'what can I completely remove?' But rather 'what can I add in?' This way, you don't have a negative mentality towards eating, but you can try new delicious things you never have before. In college, I just started eating more salads. I got on my fitness pal, tracked EVERY thing I ate, and it was mind blowing. College students, I feel your dining hall pain. I always would take food to-go and eat my feelings while catching up on Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't until I was getting sick literally all the time that I finally tracked what I was doing, and started adding workouts I could do in my dorm (click here to see what those were), adding healthier foods, and then I gradually stopped craving the bad stuff.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can, it will be enough (for now). Dining halls don't have to be the enemy, going out doesn't have to be damaging to your diet, there are always options. I'm thinking about writing a blog on common places where vegetarians and vegans alike go to eat and what options are available to them. Hint: order off the menu!
Would you be interested in seeing that? 

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