Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 17 of the Ultimate Reset

Day 17 started off strong, but between breakfast and lunch, I got a headache that hasn't seemed to go away. I'm not sure I'm eating enough with the substitutions I'm doing, so I went and got more veggies today so I could be more prepared!

Breakfast was this natural beauty of a fruit salad!

Lunch was supposed to be a Moroccan Carrot Salad but I didn't like the ingredients in it (lots of vinegars), so I had my giant micro green salad with avocado instead :) I probably should have had more veggies, but I didn't go to the store until after.

For my snack, I had my 1/2 scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology and a small green apple! I didn't have time to get my yoga in today, but I'll definitely be doing the 21 Day Fix Yoga Tomorrow! :) I always look forward to that time everyday where I wind down and work on my balance and flexibility. It really helps with my stress and anxiety as well!

Dinner was Roasted Squash with a side of broccoli! The squash has 1 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 tsp liquid aminos drizzled on top! It was pretty good!

Overall, today I had a headache throughout day and I think I'm not eating enough. I definitely need to look at the serving sizes better because I want to be able to get through this phase strong!

If you have any questions regarding this 21 Day Ultimate Reset, please feel free to email me at :)

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