Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 19 of the Ultimate Reset

Today was a great day! I woke up with one thing on my mind: 2.days.left.

Only 2 more full days and then I can say that I accomplished the hardest program of my life--yet the MOST effective because my nutrition has always gotten the WORST of me! It was time to buckle down and see what foods my body needed, and obviously a vegan diet has significantly changed my body, mindset, and lifestyle. I know that after this cleanse is over, I will still be eating a vegan diet 90% of the time. Yes, I'll indulge every now and then but I feel amazing for the first time EVER and I cannot and will not give that up! :)

Breakfast was, of course, my fruit plate. This is the breakfast every morning on Phase 3.

This is the best vegan salad on this cleanse. It's simply amazing. 
This has been my lunch every single day for the past 3 weeks. I had to add some cabbage to my field greens and I put avocado on top (with a baked sweet potato on the side), but it's so filling and absolutely delicious!! My Miso dressing will definitely be made in bulk from now on because it's my absolute favorite. 

What's in this beautiful veggie bounty? 
➡️ Field greens/cabbage 
➡️ 1/4 cucumber 
➡️ Orange baby heirloom tomatoes 
➡️ 1/4 red bell pepper 
➡️ little bit of shredded broccoli 
➡️ 1/4 avocado 
➡️ 1/2 carrot 
➡️ Miso dressing: 2 tbsp miso paste, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1 tbsp liquid aminos, 1/4 cup sesame oil, 1/4 cup water blended in a nutri bullet (makes about 8 servings of 2 tbsp each) ➡️➡️ Try this!!! 

  For exercise today, I went on a long walk in nature with my boyfriend. I love getting out in nature on this cleanse and getting some sun on my skin!

Dinner was supposed to be Roasted Beets and Tempeh with coconut collard greens...I just couldn't. I think you all know by now how I feel about Tempeh, and beets for that matter. SO, I recreated the garlic veggies dinner! This was AMAZING!! Love love love all the veggie goodness! :)

vegan stir fry dish

Another success on Day 19!! :)

For more information on this cleanse, shoot me an email at :)

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