Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 21 of the Ultimate Reset!

IT'S HERE!!! Day 21 has arrived!! 
I tried to treat this like any other day, but every time I took a supplement, or my last packet of Alkalinize, I had to announce out loud (to myself) that it was my LAST dose ever, lol! The recipes weren't too great today and I was very low on fruits and veggies, but I still made it work!

clean eating

To start my LAST day of the Ultimate Reset, I had some strawberries and honeydew (so low on berries today, lol!)

plant based lifestyle

Lunch was basically a combination of the veggies I had leftover! It was field greens, some baby heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, and miso dressing! I made it as hearty as possible, but it was less than my usual serving. 

After lunch, I got in my PiYo: Define Lower class which is one of my faves! I actually burned almost DOUBLE the calories I usually burn! I was thinking to myself that something must be off, but I was crushing the class! I noticed I was SO much more flexible, could go deeper into the poses, hold them longer, and burn more calories/have a better workout because of this!

I had my last packet of Alkalinize and I thought I'd be super excited, but it's really not that bad. It's like having a shot of wheatgrass a day, and I like the boost of green energy! I might have to continue with this supplement :)

For my snack, I had some chocolate vegan shakeology blended with distilled water (almost out of this--can't believe I've gone through about 2 gallons a day!).

easy vegan recipe

Dinner Part 1 was baked asparagus with olive oil and sea salt. This is so easy and I usually bake them for about 30 minutes because I like them a little crisp!


This soup was insanely easy to make! It is an Avocado-Cucumber soup that yields SO much!! In the meal plan it says this is 1 serving, but it's more like 8, lol! Basically, you chop up 1 cucumber (peeled, which I forgot to do) and 1 medium rip avocado. Put it in a nutri bullet with some fresh lime juice, salt, 1/4 small jalapeño (optional), and about a cup of water. You blend it, and you're done! All raw food in soup form! Now...I couldn't handle it. I couldn't taste the avocado--it just tasted like a thick cucumber paste to me. But, it was super refreshing for that matter and I think if it was a smaller serving with less cucumber I would be able to eat more!

Overall, my LAST day went over very well and I'm proud to say I haven't cheated ONCE! 

Did I want to give up some days? Absolutely. Did I? Absolutely not. Willpower is a muscle you have to work just like any muscle in your body. You have to push your limits, get stronger, and squash your excuses with crazy motivation .There were some days I was super hangry. There were some days I was more tired than others. There were some days where I didn't prep well enough and I didn't have some ingredients. Did I let that get me down? No, I pushed through. This has been the biggest test of my willpower, dedication, and I'm pretty damn proud of myself for never slipping up. Never, not once. The results I've seen are unlike ANY program I've EVER done. I've been doing yoga everyday by the way, nothing extreme since my body is in detox mode. 

When I only focus on my nutrition, it's insane how much better I feel. Imagine if I ate this clean while on an extreme workout program! So that's definitely what I'll be doing come beginning of May. I have to ease my body back into extreme mode, so you'll be seeing some different workouts, recipes, and lots more in the future! 

Do you think you could go 21 days without alcohol, chocolate, meat, dairy, and crappy food?? I'd love to hear from you if you think you are ready to completely REDEFINE and RESET your nutrition. Seriously, I think about foods SO differently now! Full review to come :)

Thank you so much for following me on this amazing and life-changing journey! If you're ready to take your health to the next level, shoot me an email at laurenmchugh14@gmail.com :)
It's time to get serious!

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