Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 4 of the Ultimate Reset

Day 4 of my Ultimate Reset definitely had some trial and error--mostly with the foods and how I should have looked at some substitutions prior to the cleanse.

Breakfast, as always, was delicious. I had a fruit plate with Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Honeydew melon topped with shredded coconut. I also had my Chocolate Vegan Shakeology blended with 1 cup distilled water.

vegan meals

In between supplements and meal breaks, I went to Whole Foods to get some veggies I was lacking...and seaweed. When I was there I went to get a sandwich for my boyfriend.
TEMPTATION #1 for me: PIZZA. I was at the counter minding my own business when I saw the pizza teasing me by the sandwich counter. This was definitely a moment I was glad I had my goals typed out in the Notes app on my phone. I'm going to pull a Leslie Knope when I say this...but if you have a typed up response addressed to yourself why you can't do something, it WILL help! Something like, "Lauren, your goals are bigger than your random craving. You will regret tainting your body immediately after, and your stomach will hurt like crazy. It's not worth it. You want to fit into those daisy dukes and prove to yourself that you can eat a clean, vegan diet that is balanced and healthy. Be the example."

Weird, but it works. Try it ;)

vegan sushi

On to lunch! Let me be clear: Seaweed is not my friend. I avoided getting this as long as possible until I gave in since I'm trying to follow this plan perfectly. The instructions say to "roll up from bottom." That's all. SO, not being a sushi lover, it was a bit frustrating but I feel like I did a decent job! I got the smoky tempeh strips from Whole Foods to try with this, and they're like fake bacon (kind of). I cooked those with a little olive oil on the stove (I will definitely be using this kind rather than plain for future recipes), and placed one strip on top of the brown rice, with avocado, carrot, and cucumber as well.

The rolling process wasn't too bad, but the cutting was. I have a really sharp knife and it could hardly cut through it without breaking the entire seaweed!

vegan sushi recipe

So yeah they aren't perfect, but I was pretty proud of how they turned out! However, I have to admit that I cannot handle seaweed. I ate a few then ended up just eating the insides, lol! Oh well, I might have to find a substitute for this meal, but I know so many people love sushi so you will probably enjoy this! And the Smoky Tempeh was definitely better (hard to taste it with the seaweed aftertaste though).

In between lunch and dinner, I went for a walk, had a snack of a green apple and raw almonds, took my supplements, prepped my dinner, and then did Insanity Max: 30 Pulse. This is a recovery workout, but still pretty tough. Therefore, I had to modify a lot of the moves but the stretching felt so good! I'm noticing that by sticking to an exercise schedule, this keeps me more on track. If you do decide to follow a low impact workout schedule, you can check out my blog with a hybrid one I made, or stick to yoga and walking :)

ultimate reset

Dinner was new tonight! Cucumber and Tomato Salad, Stir fry veggies, and Quinoa. This cold Cucumber and Tomato salad was super refreshing and REALLY filling. It had cucumber, baby tomatoes, and some red onion mixed with red wine vinegar, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and optional spices and herbs. It was so much food I couldn't finish it.

beachbody ultimate reset

I was pretty excited for the veggie stir fry because this is what I usually eat, but it was very different than I usually cook it! The oil to use for cooking was coconut oil WITH sesame oil. I love these veggies though and it was absolutely delicious: broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and red bell pepper over quinoa. I highly recommend you make the quinoa in bulk!

Overall, some trials today but I made it through and I'm looking forward to ending the first phase of the Ultimate Reset strong! :)

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