Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 7 of the Ultimate Reset

Today was my last day of Phase 1!! One week down and I'm so excited to share with you all some of my progress. In just one week of eating 3 nutritious vegan meals a day and doing light exercise, I lost 4.4 pounds, 2 inches off my legs, 2.5 inches off my waist, and what I'm most excited about...3.5 inches off across my stomach!

This is a huge ah-ha moment for me because I have felt amazing. I haven't really been craving anything like what happens in most cleanses, and I know that I am going to really be implementing a clean, vegan diet into my lifestyle after this cleanse. I really want to incorporate large salads and fresh juice daily! I will be sharing some progress photos with you all tomorrow when I start Phase 2: Release (detox week). 

healthy breakfast

So for today! I had a delicious breakfast of my Chocolate Vegan superfood blended with distilled water, and oats with shredded coconut and walnuts--super filling as always.

healthy lunch

Lunch was my usual Microgreen salad, but I added more spinach this time. I love the toasted pumpkin seeds on top!

vegan lunch

I also had the second serving of my Zucchini Cashew soup, but this time I had it cold and actually liked it better. After lunch I had all my supplements at the allowed times, and I think I needed to drink more water. I also did the 21 Day Fix Extreme yoga and it felt amazing! I am loving all these stretch classes, even though I miss my extreme workouts. However, this yoga class has "extreme" in the title and it's no joke! I had to modify a lot, but I'm really hoping to get a lot more flexible in the next few weeks. 
I did just post my exercise calendar earlier this morning about what hybrid workouts I'll be doing after the cleanse if you would like to check that out :)

Vegan recipe

I went shopping at Whole Foods today for my Phase 2, so I got the Roasted Root Medley ingredients!  I was supposed to have this last night for dinner, and it was so delicious! I actually had this before on the 21 Day Fix and I love it. You basically bake a 1/2 sweet potato, onion, and carrots with olive oil and himalayan sea salt--that's all. I added the serving of brown rice and steamed broccoli to make it like a veggie stir fry. The sweet potatoes tasted like fries, and the crispy onions were amazing!

Phase 1: Complete! On to Phase 2 tomorrow :)

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