Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 9 of the Ultimate Reset

Day 9 of the Ultimate Reset was a little harder today and I'm not sure why. I think I wanted to emotionally eat, even though I wasn't craving, and I knew it wouldn't benefit me in any way. Of course, I stuck to the plan and avoided all temptation. That is, until I went to Target and strolled by all the discounted Easter that was a little bit of a struggle. Mostly because I saw those damn Cadbury eggs! But no worries, I got out of there and I didn't get off track once :)

vegan breakfast

This was my gorgeous fruit plate this morning! I was a little confused because in the beginning of this phase the overview says you'll be eating fruit for breakfast everyday...but this morning's breakfast had mashed chickpeas, so I opted for fruit instead. I've been doing this for my breakfasts and I always feel awesome, and I'm staying within this phase's guidelines so I'm all good!

vegan lunch

Lunch was a Microgreen salad with a new batch of Miso dressing, and I added heirloom baby tomatoes and cucumber to this one--yum!!

plant protein

Also with lunch, I had the rest of the pinto beans dish! I had to sub quinoa for brown rice since it wasn't prepped and I was pressed for time, but super delicious! 

Between lunch and my snack of blended superfood goodness, I did P90X3 Yoga on Beachbody on Demand. I am loving all these classes! I have never done a Tony Horton workout (except live) and I was so impressed! 30 minutes of yogi bliss ;) It was a fast paced class, so you don't get bored or hold the poses for too long, lol!

vegan dinner

Part of my dinner: Roasted Asparagus with Slivered Almonds! I had a smaller portion of this dish on the 3 Day Refresh and I'm a big fan! I like the heads of asparagus more than the whole spear, so I didn't really eat the bottoms, but the almonds are so delicious with this! It's super easy, and you just bake the asparagus drizzled in 1 tbsp olive oil for about 25 minutes!

vegan dinner recipe

Part 2 of dinner was Roasted Red Pepper Bisque. I was super excited to try this because it's insanely easy to make. Basically, I boiled a chopped sweet potato, grilled 1/4 red asparagus (it would help if you use a BBQ or gas stove top), added miso paste, olive oil, ginger root, and water into my Nutri bullet and pureed it into soup form! But, I was a little disappointed. I think I needed to add more water since it was pretty thick, and the ginger was very overpowering, so it was hard to eat but I did it anyways!

*Tip for today: Try to avoid temptation wherever you go. If you are grocery shopping, stick to the outer perimeter of the store, mainly in the produce section and refrigerator (there's not much to tempt you there). Also, if you are just shopping, reward yourself with an item of clothing, workout gear, a cute water bottle to fill all your distilled water into, instead of binging on food that will make you feel horrible after you eat it!

I can't believe tomorrow is already day 10! I also recommend staying as busy as possible, but taking the time to go for a walk, get outside, and do a yoga or stretch class :)

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