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21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results & Review

Ultimate Reset Results

Results are in!! I can't believe I got through this 21 Day Beast of a Cleanse! I'm so incredibly proud of myself! So, here they are. 
My Ultimate Reset Results: I lost 12 pounds and over 12 inches! Even though my objective was not weightloss, I'm in shock that I lost that much from JUST changing my nutrition. Veganism is where it's at ☺️🙌 I'm slowly bringing other foods back into my diet, but dairy will be very rare 🙅 I've simply come too far and learned so much about my own health over the past 3 weeks to revert back to my old ways!  

I'm going to break down some common questions that people have asked me regarding this cleanse and if you have ANY other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! You can email me at or fill out the form below if you're ready to take on this cleanse!! (or any other program)

For an introduction on this program, click here or watch the quick video below!

As you know by now, there are 3 Phases to this cleanse. I will give a brief overview of my experience in each:

Phase 1: Reclaim

This phase was all about gradually removing animal products and refined foods from your diet. However, I did this as a vegan so I started off without any animal products whatsoever. I actually really enjoyed this phase along with the recipes. I was not a fan of tempeh, but I'm glad I tried it, and I just substituted other recipes during those meals. My favorite meal of this phase has to be the Southwestern Veggie Taco from Day 2 . It was amazing! My biggest struggle during this phase was prepping my meals. I highly recommend prepping all the meals for the week in bulk the night before, right after you go to Whole Foods! 

Ultimate Reset Recipes

Overall, this phase went the best. I've done several 3 Day Refreshes  to prepare for this, and honestly I think those were more difficult. In the Ultimate Reset you are eating big portions, 3 times a day, chugging water (I would drink on average 2 gallons of distilled water per day), you have a snack (always a green apple and vegan shakeology for me), and you are taking supplements which means even more water! I never really got super hungry until the later phases!


The workouts I did from my Ultimate Reset Calendar during this phase were all available on Beachbody on Demand or I owned them. They were the following: 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Insanity Max: 30, Insanity The Asylum, and 21 Day Fix Extreme. I also went on a walk and tried to get in nature as much as possible! :)

Phase 2: Release

This phase transitions to zero animal products and you're now a full vegan (if not already)! This was the detox week, which meant taking a super thick detox powder three times a day, which was not all that great, BUT you just need to add more water and chug it--not that bad really. Starting in week 2, I only ate fruit for breakfast, which I found refreshing and energizing. I tried so many new veggies in this phase, but I would say my favorite recipe was the Hearty Vegetable Miso Soup from Day 12. It was actually pretty filling, and way better than I expected! That's actually on my menu tonight, lol! I am taking away so many recipes from this cleanse, AND my boyfriend is actually eating more veggies now! :)

Ultimate Reset Meals


In this phase, my workouts were from the following programs: Turbo Fire, P90X3, Tai Cheng, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Of course, I also walked a few days a week as well. 

I shouldn't really say workouts though, because everything was low impact. What I mean by this is that the classes were either the recovery workouts of a program, yoga, or a form of yoga and pilates called PiYo where I didn't burn a lot of calories. I did this mainly to stay sane, to take some time to clear my head, and stretching was very important as your body does get sore from this cleanse. 

Phase 3: Restore

This phase eliminated grains and legumes to focus on just a fruit and veggie based diet. This was the hardest phase for me because I'm used to eating carbs. I had headaches off and on during this last week, but I held strong. I didn't go out, I went on some walks, and I really had to dig deep here to pull myself through. I had several temptations along the way with big events happening, but my willpower was insane. I have never been this determined to get through a cleanse completely based on nutrition, but I did it! In this phase, I would say my favorite recipes were the Curried Cauliflower from Day 16 which I actually changed a bit and the Asian Stir Fry from Day 20.

Cauliflower Recipe
Spicy Cayenne Cauliflower

Vegetarian Stir Fry
Asian Stir Fry


The workout classes I did during this phase were from the following programs: Insanity Max: 30, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Turbo Fire, Tai Cheng, and P90X3. I didn't have as much energy from these, so I walked a few days instead, and made sure to modify even more so I wouldn't expend too much energy. I have to say though, I think this is the week my body started "cleansing" the most. I noticed I would break out a bit, then my skin would glow, then I would get exhausted, then I would have an amazing workout and be able to go harder than anticipated, then I'd get a I was really all over the place. From what I read, people experience that throughout all the phases, but for me it was mostly during this one. This is just proof to me that I obviously eat way too many carbs, and I need to focus on incorporating mostly fruits and vegetables into my diet (which I have!). 

So that was an overview of each phase, and now I want to delve into some questions I received and some common ones about this cleanse. Again, if you'd like more details regarding the supplements I took, workout programs I did, or more information about this cleanse, please feel free to fill out the form below or shoot me an email at :)

FAQ's about the Ultimate Reset

1. Who can/should do this cleanse?

Honestly, anyone! I say this because sometimes people just don't know where to turn to when they first start their fitness journey. A lot of people don't know what they are interested in, they have bad eating habits, and some people have approached me who have injuries and can't do much as it is. That said, it all starts with nutrition, or, it should. If you can go 21 days and create a total lifestyle change when it comes to your nutrition, while you are also walking and maybe doing some yoga, you can really conquer anything else. Nutrition is the #1 struggle I've come across with all my challengers, myself included. Get that in control, change your lifestyle, and adding workouts into the mix will be super easy--plus you'll see INSANE results!!

2. Are the recipes Filling and can a Meat Eater do this? 

Yes, and absolutely! I'm in a support group on Facebook with many people who are omnivores/love meat. The Ultimate Reset gradually takes animal products out in the first week so it's not just a completely drastic diet change. It can be if you decide to do it as a vegan, but you'll notice your body not needing to depend on animal products, you'll feel lighter, healthier, leaner, and your taste buds will also change and adapt to different plant recipes! I know this because I used to eat dairy and this cleanse really helped me try new veggies and actually taste them without the cheese, butter, and horrible products we disguise them with--when they're meant to be tasted alone.

Of course, it might be a little more difficult for a meat eater, and I would recommend doing a short 3 day Refresh to sort of "train" for this, but it's very possible!

Ultimate Reset Vegan Recipe
I mean look at this amazing salad goodness! <3

3. What kind of water do you drink? How much?

I only drank distilled water with the added Mineralize supplement, and I would get gallons on sale at Safeway-- 5 for 5$! I went through about 2 per day, and used this water to also cook with. It tasted a little weird at first, but you get used to it. Trust me, when you go back to your Brita water after, you will notice a huge change! The point of this Reset is to detox, not take in more impurities, so quality of water is very important.

Ultimate Reset Review

4. Is exercise even Allowed? What kind?

According to the Ultimate Reset guide, "It's best not to do any strenuous exercise during the next 3 weeks. When you think about it, the Reset is already giving your body a serious internal workout. It's important to allow your nervous system to remain in a relaxed state, and to refrain from asking your body to repair muscle tissue at the same time it's cleansing and releasing toxins." That said, you can stretch, walk, and do restorative yoga. So basically, everything I have on my calendar is ok if you are modifying and not exerting too much energy. I was not a big fan of Tai Cheng, but an example class does come with the program.

5. When Should I do the Ultimate Reset?

When you are READY to fully commit 100%! You should not be traveling, you should have an organized schedule, and have the mindset to really NEED this. You need that strong WHY of why you need this for yourself, your family, your goals, and your lifestyle. It's best to do when you finish a workout program, when you're really in a rut with your nutrition (hello, perfect to start in the new year), or if you are injured! If you are injured physically, this is only a program based on nutrition so it could be a great time to focus on this and not have the excuse of not being able to workout. You also cannot do this while pregnant, obviously. 

6. What else should I be Doing to Help me with this Cleanse?

GET SUPPORT! Like ASAP! When I was researching this cleanse, I found hardly anything on doing it as a vegan, or any support groups. Yes, there are Facebook groups with lots of information, but not daily support, accountability, and recipes. I have you covered with that. I have every single day available to you, daily video check ins, daily recipes, tips, advice, and I also run challenges where anyone doing a cleanse like this or the 3 day refresh can be in a group with the grocery lists, meal prep lists, and my daily support to get through every phase. You can feel free to post your questions, recipes, advice, ups, downs, and whatever you want! I know how hard this is because I went through this alone...and I don't want anyone else to ever have to do that. You need the support.

PREP! You absolutely 100% need to meal prep. I work from home so I cooked every single meal, and it was still a pain. My meals took a long time, including prep and dishes at every meal. Prep in advance, do it with your spouse, and make it fun. Also, if you have a 9-5 job, you need to use the supplement caddy, put timers on your phone of when to take them and your alkalinize, and take your breaks accordingly. Make sure you ALWAYS have water with you wherever you go (because trust me you'll be like a camel during this), and always eat on time. Of course, it's fine if you slip up every now and then on when to take stuff, but I never did and I know I did this to the best of my ability.

GET OUTSIDE! Go out in nature. Go for a walk. Soak up the sun. You need it and you will look at the world differently. You will understand what I mean once you've done about a week of this reset. Trust me, get outside.

BREATHE. This is why I did yoga so often. It helped me relax, and those deep breaths help you to further detox, energize your cells, really relax, and stay focused.

SLEEP. A common human need, yes, but especially during this cleanse. You need a healthy sleep cycle to fully rejuvenate, and it's important to do so. You'll be pretty tired the first few days, so try to establish a great sleep schedule early on.

COLD BLAST. What...? In the "Going the Extra Mile" section of the Reset guide, there is a part that says to end your showers with a blast of cold water. I remember hearing that Tony Robbins (my favorite mentor ever) does this every single day, and he has to be the most energetic uplifting person ever, so I started doing it during this cleanse. You know what? I went from feeling sluggish after my warm shower to SUPER alive, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Apparently it also helps circulation. 

AVOID TEMPTATION. Do not, and I repeat do not, watch stupid television. Instead, read a personal development book or watch the amazing nature documentaries on Netflix. Fill yourself with life, positivity, and happiness instead of McDonald's commercials and dumb reality tv. I made the mistake of watching some cooking shows and the struggle was real. Think happy thoughts and just watch a Disney movie. 

*Have anymore questions? Feel free to shoot me an email with them and I'll add them to this blog! :)

Are you Ready to Reset Your Life?! 
I'm so happy to hear that you are, and I hope this review and my responses, tips, and videos have helped you make that decision. The best investment you can possibly make is your health, and you are worth it. I applaud you for reaching the end of this review, and I am so excited to get started on this journey with you--because it is hard, you will be tested, but it is so beyond worth it in the end. You will walk away feeling lighter, happier, healthier, and with a completely different mindset on nutrition! 
Please fill out the form below if you are READY to commit and want to take your lifestyle to the next level! Let's do this! Ready, Set, Reset! :)

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