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3 Day Refresh Results

3 day refresh results

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I've done my fair share of cleanses! I just finished The Ultimate Reset, which is a 21 day cleanse that completely transforms your body and mindset. It significantly altered the way I think about food, and I think it is one of my biggest accomplishments to date!

I feel I've had so much experience with cleanses over the last few months and I think they get a bad reputation because we don't understand that there's a way to do them safely.

Yes they're incredibly challenging because your body is detoxing and very possibly addicted to sugary carbs and bad food (guilty!), but that's part of the process.

Yes, you will be in hunger mode and crave the foods your body is used to consuming--that's normal.

I've found that by doing quick 3 day cleanses where I'm still eating whole, real foods and drinking nutrient dense and protein packed shakes, I feel so light, energized, and refreshed afterwards. I don't go crazy when I finish a cleanse. My body feels too good. I don't want to ruin my progress, and I know the negative effects that happen when I binge or eat certain foods (hello dairy). 

Here is a quick introduction on what the 3 Day Refresh cleanse is:

I've done this cleanse at least 3 times, this being my fourth, and my experience keeps getting better. I'm used to the hunger pangs, the cravings, and what to do when I am in that "starvation mode." I have to tune out social media, try not to run errands where I'm surrounded by food, and remember WHY I started it.

Day 1 was pretty simple. My best advice would be to make sure you are PREPPED ahead of time!
I had gone grocery shopping, and you really don't need that much food. To be honest, you're probably saving money by doing this cleanse (even considering the low cost of it) because you're not going out, consuming alcohol, going to the grocery store, etc. I spend too much on those things during the week, but when I'm cleansing, I'm much more productive, I stay busy to keep my mind on other things, and I never deviate.

3 day refresh

This was part of my lunch for my quick non-starvation cleanse on day 2. It was my Vanilla Fresh protein shake, 1 1/2 tsp unsalted almond butter (healthy fat), 5 baby carrots, and a 1/2 banana. This was incredibly filling and I actually tracked the calories I consumed while on this cleanse and this was after lunch, and I already had close to 700!

I'm not depriving my body, I'm filling it with what it NEEDS.

vegan cleanse

Regarding what you can drink, obviously a lot of water. You're also allowed optional morning, afternoon, and evening caffeine-free herbal tea. I definitely had this between meals to keep me full and change up the flavors.

3 day refresh exercise

I always get asked if you can do any form of exercise while doing a cleanse like the 3 Day Refresh. Well, I stick to low impact. I will usually do PiYo, yoga from the 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme, or go for a walk. It really depends on how I'm feeling, but my go-to classes for this particular cleanse (that I've done almost every time) are 21 Day Fix Yoga, PiYo Upper, and PiYo Lower. I actually did PiYo: Sweat on Day 2 and it kicked my butt and I probably burned too many calories, lol!
If you're interested in seeing any low impact exercise classes you can do during this cleanse, they are available via Beachbody on Demand. To see the workouts I did on the Ultimate Reset, that you could do during this cleanse, check out this blog.

3 day refresh dinner

The meals on this cleanse are super simple. For breakfast, you have Shakeology blended with fruit. I did Chocolate Vegan Shakeology (my fave) with frozen strawberries and water--SO good and energizing! An hour later you can have herbal tea. An hour after that, you have your fiber sweep, which is a digestive health drink you mix and drink super fast. You'll be full from this.

Your lunch is super simple (as shown above). You blend a vanilla fresh shake with water, another serving of fruit, and you have 1 serving of veggies and a healthy fat--you can use the example above. That's what I had for every day.

Your afternoon snack is just one serving of veggies (I did 4 baby carrots because it's just easy) and a teaspoon of coconut oil for a healthy fat.

Again you have the option of Afternoon tea and then you have dinner prepped! There are several delicious recipes in the guide, but I stuck with Coconut Steamed Veggies the first two days, and the last night I had baked asparagus with olive oil and slivered almonds. Several of these recipes also appear in the 21 Day Ultimate Reset, so I'm used to them and they're filling too! :)

Here is a recap of my first 3 day refresh experience on day 3:

Overall, I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to break bad habits and kickstart their health. I lose about 3-5 pounds every single time I do this cleanse. This time I lost 4.4 pounds in 2 days, and my final results were as follows:

I lost 4.5 pounds, and 5 inches total! The inches lost came from my waist, legs, and "pooch" area of my lower stomach which I always measure because that's where the bloat shows! It's just proof that this cleanse has helped me de-bloat and feel super refreshed! I feel amazing and ready to get back into my insane workout routine! I can't wait to crush my workout, and what better way to do so than in my Mean Girls Tank, fave booty shorts, and Lorna Jane headband? ;)

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Definitely consider doing this if you have a big event coming up (I'm traveling and have a photoshoot so it was perfect timing!), haven't been eating well and need to get back on track, or just want to refresh your body and start living a healthy lifestyle. I've had several family members, friends, and challengers do this with AMAZING success, each person losing up to 7 pounds in 3 days. 
Since this is such a quick cleanse, it's important to stay on track afterwards, but you can do this up to once a month if need be!

If you have any questions about this cleanse or want to join me,  I can help you through it and beyond, providing you with a free plant-based food guide and 2 other meal plans to help with you after your cleanse as well! 

Feel free to email me at :)

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