Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick Summertime Cleanse


Have you ever tried a cleanse before? I now consider myself to be pretty well versed in cleansing, having done so many over the course of my fitness journey. The most difficult one I've ever done has been the Ultimate Reset, which I'm sure you have seen all over my blog and social media. However, I am going to be traveling soon and having a photo shoot. I am looking for 5 women who want to drop 3-5 pounds in a healthy way to feel more confident for summer!

No, this is not a quick fix. I don't believe in those. It is only 3 days, yes, but you will FEEL amazing afterwards and want to carry on with healthy habits long after the 3 days are over!

I've done this cleanse multiple times, so I know the benefits. It's a non-starvation vegan cleanse, and there are daily protein shakes you drink, fiber drinks, super foods, you can have veggies as a snack, and you also get a healthy and delicious vegan dinner! Therefore, you are not always hungry, you can still do low impact workouts (I'll be doing PiYo, but you can walk or do yoga), and you will have my support throughout each day. This means daily check ins, tips, motivation to stay on track, and my coaching for life :)

There is an investment to participate, like all cleanses, but I set you up for longer than just 3 days. Yes, your kit will include the cleanse, which is called the 3 Day Refresh, but you also get a month supply of the most nutrient dense meal replacement that has helped me tremendously to stay on track.  I also provide you with a vegan friendly/vegetarian meal plan, omnivore meal plan, and plant-based food guide to help you keep up with your healthy habits and establish a lifestyle change after your Refresh is over!

If you are interested in making a change before the beach season hits, and if you are ready to invest in your health, please shoot me an email at or fill out the application below!

I can't wait to get started!

**You must be 18 or older and from the U.S. or Canada to Apply!**

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