Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Simple Zoodle Primavera Recipe

zoodle recipe
I've been wanting to try Zoodles for a while now and I finally got the chance the other night! I kept eyeing these while I would shop in the produce aisle while on my cleanse, so I knew I needed to try a recipe with them!
What are "Zoodles," you may ask? They are noodle-shaped veggies that were cut using a spiralizer. I did not use that because I purchased mine already spiraled at Whole Foods, but you can purchase them online and they range in price. I need to look into getting one myself!


-Veggies of choice: mine were onions, chopped and grilled with cayenne, minced garlic, and baby heirloom tomatoes
-Sauce: I used my favorite Engine 2 Red Bell Pepper Marinara that I got from Whole Foods
-Added toppings: I roasted cauliflower while my zoodles sat out and added olive oil, garlic, and cayenne pepper for an extra kick!


However, this was how much came in one box. At Whole Foods, these pre-cut zucchini and squash noodles were about $6 and it was a really big portion for 2 people. Plus, you are adding more ingredients, but once I took them all out, I was shocked by how much were in there!

That said, first you will need to drain the noodles to remove excess water. When I was researching how to cook these, I came across some people saying they can turn out watery, so be sure to drain them. Knowing how to cook tofu, I laid them all out on several paper towels, added more towels on top, and put heavy objects to press down on the zoodles. 

I did this for about 10 minutes and then squeezed each section to remove even more water. It's crazy how much water comes out! After squeezing them, I let them sit for a few more minutes, and then I sprinkled the veggies with sea salt, and put the heavy objects back on them. This is supposed to remove water quicker. I think the longer you let them sit, the better. Mine sat about 30-40 minutes with constant squeezing.

clean eating

Next, heat a skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil and add the zoodles. I had to divide mine up in two portions, and you want to do this so they cook evenly. You cook them like a stir fry, turning every couple minutes, and I actually cooked mine for a while because I wanted more of the pasta texture. I made sure to keep turning them, and each portion takes about 10 minutes because you cook the zoodles first, and then add your veggies, sauce, and toppings. In my case, I added my pre-cooked onions, and then cooked the baby heirloom tomatoes with the zoodles. I pushed down on some of them so the juice would blend with the zoodles, which turned out amazing!!

After a minute or so, I then added my Engine 2 Red Bell Pepper Marinara sauce and mixed for a few more minutes so it would be heated through and the zoodles evenly mixed with the sauce. 

I then put the deliciousness in a bowl, and repeated the process for my boyfriend's dish. It might be easier to cook both portions at the same time on two different stove tops. More dishes but less cook time! :)

easy zoodle recipe

I loved the heirloom tomatoes in this dish, which is why I call it my primavera recipe! :) I was pleasantly surprised that the zoodles came out so soft and were cooked perfectly! The spiciness of the cayenne and garlic were amazing, and of course I mixed in some Sriracha at the end because I'm an addict, lol!

simple zoodle recipe

I topped the zoodles with my Roasted Cauliflower, which added amazing flavor, and it was done! This is a super simple recipe, and I'll probably be making this at least once a week because it was so flipping amazing! Pasta lovers unite, you will definitely be full and happy after downing this!!

#PlantPower :)

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