Monday, June 22, 2015

Mid Summer Reboot Challenge

21 Day Fix Extreme

It's time to get SERIOUS! LAST CALL!!

Summer is well underway and I don't know about you...but I've always wanted to be able to show off my hard work in some Daisy Dukes and sun dresses! It's not too late to do so! It only takes 21 days to establish a lifestyle :)

I'm going to be launching my Mid Summer Reboot challenge on Monday, July 6th and I'm beyond excited to officially open the group to 10 ladies who want to do this with me!! It's called a Reboot because we will be doing a complete 180, with a focus on diet, and a LOT of juice recipes and tracking! 

Email me at, or apply below to get all the details :)

👉You must be 18 or older and live in the US or Canada to apply👈

This group is going to be a game changer because my focus is really going to be on NUTRITION! I will be offering a completely plant-based recipe guide, along with 2 other meal plans (omnivores are welcome!) and a TON of Info on juicing, healthy cleanses, and Rebooting to really help you kickstart your nutrition and establish a lifestyle change, not just a "quick fix" to get through the program.

I know that nutrition is my #1 struggle, so I've been testing this out, and I am BLOWN AWAY by the progress I've seen.

My energy doubled, I sleep better, I feel lighter, my mood has shifted, and I am actually feeling leaner and more confident by the day. 

You must be dedicated. You must have willpower. You will get stronger, both physically and mentally with added personal development in the online group daily! 

I've been perfecting these groups monthly and I am now hoping to launch my best one yet!! It's all online, from home (no gym or excuses), and I have your bases covered with daily workouts, nutrition guides, portion control containers to stay on track with meal prep, and constant motivation to never give up. 

I'm here to keep your momentum going the whole time. Just shoot me an email at or apply below for 21 Days of FOCUS, REAL FOOD, and RESULTS! 

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