Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hi everyone!! If you are new to my blog, WELCOME!!

I thought I'd introduce myself and ask you all your opinions on what you'd like to see more of! 


SO, a little about me....I'm Lauren and I like warm hugs!

Here are 10 Facts about Me:

1. I just graduated college a year ago with a degree in Feminist Studies and Literature. I'm a writer at heart, big on body positivity, and embracing your weirdness.

2. I've been a loyal Vegetarian for over 10 years and I'm making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle (all about the balance).


3. I am an online fitness coach and have been for about a year. It all started with my soulmate workout Turbo Fire that I did in my dorm room my last year of college and I lost 30 pounds with it! #turbogirl

4. I'm colorblind. And yes I can probably tell you what color your shirt is.

5. I laugh too much. I laugh at myself, people call me my biggest fan, and it's kind of just what my siblings and I have always done. Comedies are my favorite (along with historical romances) and Will Ferrell is my hero.

6. I love tattoos. I think they're beautiful and I have 7 of them. One big piece on each thigh, two on my hips, 2 on the back of my neck, and one on my ribs. I love colored tattoos, especially since they really stand out on my skin, lol!

7. I love Disney, and I quote Frozen probably more than the average 7 year old girl (as you can already tell from my quote above).

8. I have 1/2 inch gauges in my ears and no, I don't plan on going any bigger. I love piercings, and I'll probably get some more. I think they go well with the pink in my hair. 
Don't take yourself too seriously. 

9. My love all the languages. I love giving, seeing people get excited, I love writing letters, giving compliments, and I'm very bad at receiving them (working on it!).

10. I am extremely passionate about sharing my journey and inspiring others to get started on their own. In fact, I've basically had every up and down involved in my fitness journey, with eating problems, weight gain, over exercising, not exercising, binging, you name it. I still struggle to this day. Because I'm the girl that thinks about a burrito and not a bikini while doing burpees (#realtalk). 
*I'm all about embracing what you have, working to become a better version of yourself, and always speaking to yourself in a positive way. I know both ends of that spectrum, and trust me when I say that no good will come from being down on yourself.*

Beachbody Coach

Well, that's a little glimpse at who I am! I'd love to know a little about YOU!! Feel free to check out my like page, send me a message, or email me to let me know what you'd like to see more of! :)

Examples: Vegan recipes, meal prep, hybrid workouts, fitness videos, fit/nutrition tips, blogs, body positive messages, motivation, funny nonsense, etc! 

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