Monday, August 17, 2015

Body Beast and CIZE Month 2 Hybrid :)

Body Beast and Cize Hybrid Workout

It's time to start Month 2 of my Body Beast and CIZE hybrid workout schedule! I was so pleased with my month 1 results (TBA), that I made another hybrid for month 2!!

For Body Beast, I am now in the BULK phase, which means more intense workouts with shorter rest periods between sets. I loved the Chest workout I did today. It was only 30 minutes so I threw in a quick HIIT workout after! I love the flexibility of these programs, that I can do from my own home (or anywhere!).

Body Beast has definitely been a huge accomplishment for me, as it is a program that is very much outside of my comfort zone! I have done crossfit type/gym workouts where I always got hurt or would get bored so easily, but this is so easy to follow along, the modifier/dude to watch if you have limited equipment is simple to follow, and I just blast my Lifting Playlist to crush every workout! You also really don't need THAT much equipment, and if you are curious as to what this entire workout entails, feel free to email me at I'd love to keep you accountable during the program and offer you several meal plans to follow as well! :)

Not to mention that CIZE is also SO MUCH FUN too! I love that I can BEAST out my workout, but then get my dance on the next day ;)

If you'd like to see Month 1 hybrid schedule, click here. I hope you find this helpful, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

I'm also on Periscope now (@LaurenMcHugh7), and it's such a fun app where we can hang out LIVE and I can give you some tips/recipes/motivation on the daily! <3

Get on there and let's TALK!! :)

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