Friday, August 14, 2015

Top Songs to Lift To

workout playlist

Ok so I was just live on Periscope (Let's connect! @LaurenMcHugh7) talking about this...but here it is!! I was beasting out my leg workout today and thought...I could go SO much harder if I had a kickass playlist!! ;)

Here are my top 10 songs to LIFT to!! They are in no particular order...but yes Nelly had to be on there as well. It's mainly hardcore music because I find that is perfect for lifting! 
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Do you agree with these? I'm obsessed with all these songs and I was hoping it would be helpful to anyone who lifts weights, since my yoga/cardio/more relaxed workouts definitely would have different music, lol!

Would you all like to see a cardio and yoga one as well? I have these on my Spotify too! Enjoy! 
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