Friday, September 11, 2015

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Feminist Friday

For this Feminist Friday, I want to talk about how COMPARISON is the THIEF of JOY! 

Sometimes, we get down on ourselves. We can't help it, comparison may be the thief of joy but we're human and it happens.

But she made it to the top in 2 years.
But she's making a 6 figure income.
But she has abs.
But she has awesome website skills.
But she is an instructor.
But she had help.
But she has a fast metabolism.
But she is a model.
But I'm not good enough.
But But But....
(Did I miss any?)

Pump the breaks. That "SHE" is not you. We can't be caught up worrying and stressing about others' accomplishments because it takes the joy out of our own.

Half Dome Hike

Whenever this happens, I listen to an audio that puts me in a different mindset. Ok well, first I actually get out in nature. I'll go for a walk and reflect on why I'm unhappy and what I am currently grateful for at that point in time. Then I'll listen to some Tony Robbins or famous motivators to help me realize how much I do, in fact, have to be grateful for and appreciate.

*YOU are not "HER!" Everyone's journey is different.
YOU take the road less traveled, I believe it's called Badass Street. This is the magical place where you make your own dreams come true, when you decide the time is right. You have the potential to decide it's now, and run with it. You also have the opportunity to make a mindset shift and decide you are worth it.

Work from Home

That person you're comparing yourself to...she's doing the exact same thing. BUT, she is deciding to move forward and keep working on herself. YOU can do the same thing. You can rise up and above any competition you face.

In fact, you're kind of a big deal. You're a badass, remember? You deserve to celebrate your own accomplishments, no matter how much smaller they may seem than someone else's.

Be proud of what you have done. Be proud of how many people you've touched. Be bold, be passionate, be real, be genuine, be excited, and most of yourself heart emoticon

The collage above is made up of some of my accomplishments that I'm most proud of when it comes to my health, fitness, and business. My recognition for helping others, travel experiences, connecting with my team of girl bosses, my fitness journey, and all my exciting things which came from hard work, dedication, and most of all...from having a strong enough reason to continue doing what I love. When you are your own boss, it can be tough. There are many ups and downs, I'll be real that it's not always chillin by the pool.


BUT it's about having that mindset shift, having that reason to get up in the morning and move forward with the attitude of "I CAN and I will" rather than "I guess I'll try." That's not powerful enough.

Part of what I do is motivate others, and even when I feel unmotivated myself, I look to the amazing people on their journeys with me, realize that I am their source of inspiration and encouragement, and I continue.

We all have our ups and downs, our treats and cheats, our ah-ha moments, but life is about having a long-term powerful vision in a world where any second may be your last.

How do you do this? First, embrace who you are. Next, focus on what makes you happy. Run with your passion, put in the work, and have a powerful enough reason to continue when you get pushed down so far you think you can't come back.

Beachbody Transformations

That WHY, that vision, that dream for your life is what keeps you strong. It's that light flickering inside you that might go dim but you have the power to reignite it.

Follow your dreams my friends. Celebrate every tiny piece of joy that you earn along the way.

Live your passion, and never give up heart emoticon

"You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important."

Now go show the world.

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