Saturday, September 26, 2015

You are a Badass, Got it?



 I used to be SO caught up in what others thought, that I let that bring me down constantly. 

I would look all over Instagram for fitspo, have a dream board on Pinterest about what my future perfect body would look like, but I never looked in the mirror and acknowledged what I loved about MYSELF! I would obsessively pin these fitness models to my boards, and look at them on Instagram, but all it did was make me feel horrible about myself. 

For someone who suffered from many body image issues, this was destructive. I'm here to tell you: EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE!! You are a f*kng badass. You're beautiful. You might have gone through so much in the past, and worked so hard to be where you are today. No matter what your body has gone through, you are where you are today and you're alive and on your own journey. Your physical being is just what people see. 👀 What you give to others, how you make them FEEL, what you put out into the universe, that is what is so much more important. 
Obviously being healthy is too, but throw that scale away. It doesn't define sh*t. #realtalk

Body Positivity

 Be who you are. Your friends don't become friends with you because you're beautiful based on the media's standards (WHO is defining that btw?!). They connect with you because you're kind, smart, fun, and a whole bunch of attributes unique to YOU. 

The first picture of me was a defining moment a week ago. I lost several inches from lifting weights and my legs got super strong for me, but my weight stayed the same. But that's not why I'm here. 

Sure, I've come a long way from being in a bad place and eating my feelings, to learning to love who I am, but my message to you is this: fitspo can be great if you have huge goals and they help keep you on track, but you should be your own INSPO. Inspire yourself daily by looking in the mirror and saying "I love who I'm becoming. I am strong. I am smart. I am important. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am a badass." Be proud of yourself. 

Remember: You're one TOUGH Broad and you should treat yourself with respect.

*Drop Mic*

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