Thursday, October 29, 2015

My 3 Day Cleanse Results

3 Day Refresh

Results are in! I just finished a cleanse called the 3 Day Refresh and it went very well! :)

 I announced this on my snapchat this morning (dream4tmrw), but I lost 3 pounds and 4 inches in 3 days!! YAY!!

 I've done my fair share of cleanses, but day 3 was super tough for me...I honestly think shorter cleanses are harder than long ones because the first 3 days your body is in shock and is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING, firing hunger pains and hanger...but trust me it gets way easier.

3 Day Refresh Results

Have you ever done a cleanse?? What was your experience like? If you follow me on my Like page on Facebook (, you know that I've done my fair share of them, including a 21 day one this past Spring.

I love a good challenge, so here are my top 3 tips on HOW TO SURVIVE A CLEANSE:

1. Stock up on all the water. It is your best friend. On my 21 day cleanse, I could only have distilled water. I went through it like a dehydrated camel, so I was constantly going back to the store. Stock up on that life saving liquid, your headaches will magically disappear and you'll be much fuller!

2. Clean out the pantry! Nothing ever good came from cookies in the cabinet while you are super hangry, which naturally happens when you're cleansing. Get it OUT! Destroy it, throw it away, junk food is not your friend, especially when you are cleansing your body of it! Plus, you're more likely to stay on track :)

3. Have a Plan of Attack. Don't plan girls nights when you can only sip herbal tea and be boring. Pack cleanse approved snacks/tons of water when you're running errands (avoid food stores...make sure to prep in advance), and have alarms on your phone when you next have that shake or juice or carrots, whatever! 

I hope this was helpful :)

The holiday season is coming up, and I know I don't want to be back to bloated and unhappy for the next few months! January is this huge BOOM New Years resolution month, but really I think it's super important to have a resolution for yourself EVERY month of the year...bikini season or not, it's about your HEALTH! 

Investing in my health has been the BEST decision I've ever more debilitating allergies, no more digestive issues, no more getting sick ALL the time, no more feeling behind in all physical activities...I'm still on my journey but learning everyday. And DAMN I've come a long freakin way the past few years <3

 If you're even remotely curious about what I do, or you want to make your health a priority and just don't know where to start, reach out to me! I promise I'm a real person, with real goals, on a real journey :) And Remember...You are BEAUTIFUL!! 

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