Sunday, November 8, 2015

Never Forget Who You Are

Team Retreat

Sometimes, we can definitely lose ourselves on social media. I mean, those double taps and comments are so exciting to receive...but do we all realize that there are actual people behind the pictures? Captions? 

 I strive to be as REAL as possible, share my actual journey (ups and downs), and express that I am a human being. I have feelings, I've gone through a lot to get me to where I am today, and I'm in no way edited to perfection and have abs to inspire with the world.  (perhaps someday!!)

I do work on myself everyday to become better and help my team do the same! I am me, and you are you, and all our journeys are unique. 

 I remember meeting some of my team for the first time and them telling me I was a lot shorter than I appeared on social media.
 (I'm 5'1 and a HALF!), and I thought it was so funny. 

We can look up to people online as inspiration, but please realize that they're not special snowflakes. My job is on social media, I LOVE it, but I do think we all need to check ourselves sometimes and make sure we are staying true to who we are. 

What is Feminism?

I, for one, will never post about something that's not in my belief system. Remember to always be unapologetically you. Never forget who YOU are, embrace and love that, and accept that not everyone will love that.

 Who cares? This is your journey, not anyone else's 

If you DO feel like we are like minded and can connect with my feminist, plant based, yogi, Disney lovin ways, I'd love to invite you to join my tribe of coaches!

 Reach out to me if this might be something you see yourself doing <3
Don't forget, you're awesome just the way you are!!

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