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The Master's Hammer and Chisel Private Test Group

Hammer and Chisel

What is this new home workout program?

The Master's Hammer and Chisel JUST launched and it is the newest home workout program. For the first time, two celebrity trainers are coming together to give you the best results possible in 60 days. The workouts are anywhere from 30-40 minutes to get you ripped and toned for the new year! 21 Day Fix creator, Autumn Calabrese, and Body Beast creator, Sagi Kalev have teamed up to make this program more oriented towards ALL genders--not just a focus on lifting OR cardio.

What makes this program so effective?

Besides the trainers' well-known titles and accomplishments in the fitness industry, The Master's Hammer and Chisel has a new resistance-training system that incorporates three muscle-sculpting phases--Stabilization, Strength, and Power - or SSP Training. You're not just pumping iron and you're not just bouncing around mindlessly doing cardio. I've done two sneak peeks of this workout, and I enjoyed the multiple rounds each class had. 

When is this program available?

Tuesday, December 1st!

Hammer and Chisel Test Group

What Do the Workouts Involve?

The workouts are performed on a daily basis, for 30-40 min classes. Again, they are designed on the foundation of SSP training, which stands for Stabilization, Strength, and Power. Unlike most workout routines which contain different phases, Hammer and Chisel contains all three. This helps with muscle sculpting, burning fat, and increasing muscle power...and who doesn't want that?!

Hammer and Chisel workouts

What is Included in the Hammer and Chisel Base Kit?
Hammer and Chisel Sale
12 Workouts on 6 DVDs
1 Shakeology Shaker cup
7 Portion Control Containers
Full Hammer and Chisel Recipe Book and Nutrition Guide
Quick Start Guide
60 Day Wall Calendar
Bonus DVD: 10 Min Abs Hammer
Bonus DVD: 10 min Abs Chisel
My Coach Exclusive: The Master's Cardio--Sagi and Autumn team up for a Quick Fat Burning Cardio

**The Deluxe Kit Includes The Base Kit Items Plus**

8 lb Medicine Ball
4 Bonus Medicine Ball Workouts
Bonus Set of Portion Control Containers

**The Challenge Pack Includes the Base Kit Items Plus**

A 30 Day Supply of Shakeology
Free 30 Day Trial to Beachbody on Demand so you can stream your workouts from anywhere, and have access to meal plans AND thousands of dollars worth of older programs as well :)

What is the Investment?

I do require the Challenge Pack in order to get your BEST results possible. It is $180 USD.

Hammer and Chisel Results
These are some of the phenomenal results taken from the Corporate Test Group!

Who is this program for?

Anyone wanting to take charge of their nutrition, their physique, and overall health. If you have a busy schedule, the workouts are short and effective. This is for anyone who is not afraid of a challenge and wants to tone up!

What Equipment do I need?

You only need a small amount of space, about 6 feet which is super convenient if you travel often, or have a small space to workout. You do need free weights (the weight depends on your fitness level, but anywhere from 5-40 lbs). There is also the option of a chin up bar OR resistance band with a door attachment (which is what I use). You also need a bench OR stability ball. Both the band and ball options are shown in the workouts so you can follow the modifier but still get killer results!

Lauren's Hammer & Chisel Test Group:
Hammer and Chisel Test Group

The Master's Hammer and Chisel has officially LAUNCHED!! In order to help you get the best deal possible THIS month and start 2016 STRONG, with tons of momentum, I'm so excited to announce my Hammer and Chisel Private Test Group!

This is for anyone wanting to crush their fitness journeys as a TEAM using this brand new program. Get a start on your New Year Resolution with your bff, significant other, or make a commitment to yourself and your HEALTH.

We start Monday, January 4th and the deadline to purchase your challenge pack is Sunday December 27th so you get all your tools on time to succeed!
If you are interested in joining, and are not already working with a coach, please fill out the form below to apply! :)

You are also welcome to email me at LaurenMcHugh14@gmail.com <3

Hammer Workout

Please Fill out the Form Below if you want to be FIRST in my Test Group--I am only taking on 20 applicants to help work with you 1 on 1 to succeed! :)

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