Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love Yourself February Bootcamp

love yourself book club

It's back! My February Love Yourself: Body, Mind, Soul Valentine's Bootcamp <3

*This was my most popular group last year, and I know it will fill up FAST!

I'M ON THE LOOKOUT FOR 10 LADIES who want to sculpt, tone & TRANSFORM their bodies, minds, and souls! Give me 30-40 minutes of your day to work out, meal prep, and introduce healthy habits into your life--basically a private accountability group and self care book club!  
I've been doing this routine every single day (workouts 6 days a week) since 2016 started and the results with my confidence, self esteem, healthy plant based eating habits, and body transformation have been amazing! <3 It's time I share the LOVE!

self care group

Here’s the best part:

- You don’t need a personal trainer or gym membership
- You won’t need to count calories / points / macros and you will NOT be starving yourself! #AlltheFood

- You won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home!

On Monday, February 1st, I’ll be opening up my monthly Mind, Body, Soul fitness, health and self care online bootcamp to 10 ladies across North America. My purpose will be to walk you through the process of getting stronger, healthier, and feeling absolutely amazing about your fitness and confidence using resources that I have found worked for me and many of my team…no gimmicks, just hard work, sweat and RESULTS! This program is NOT free! But what personal coaching, along with an amazing online academy we will go through TOGETHER to help you gain confidence, get organized, and bust your booty to become the BEST version of you <3

Here’s what you’ll be investing in:

- Daily structured workouts on DVD & Live Stream for the length of this February bootcamp
- 7 color coded portion control containers for every food group

- Complete custom meal plan designed for you (I have 2 plant based guides)

- Superfoods: for craving management & energy sustainability.
- Custom branded Shaker cup
- ME as your personal coach
- Access to my private, VIP Lifetime support group
- A free Bootcamp tank when you finish and send in your results!
- Challengers that submit their transformation will Win some amazing prizes
- 30 day trial to a virtual workout and meal plan database - Stream $3700 worth of workout programs from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc!

If you’ve been thinking about taking action this year…please take a minute to fill out the application below! I sincerely believe that you stumbled upon this post for a reason; and my hope is that you see this as a sign to ACT on your desire to improve your health, fitness, and personal growth! <3

Apply Below, or shoot me an email and let’s chat about whether this is the right fit for you!

As you know, spots are limited, so don’t hesitate!
Let’s do this!! :)

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