Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Your VIBE Attracts Your TRIBE

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Who are you attracting into your life?

For years, I've struggled with friendships. I attended an all girls' Catholic high school, where the clicks were rampant and my introvert self did not fit in to the clubs, sports, anything really. I enjoyed writing and was on the newspaper, but I was always that chick writing about why tattoos are awesome or doing Tim Burton reviews. :P

I felt unwanted in my trench boots and heavy eyeliner. I was extremely unhappy. I was that angry vegan girl who didn't know how to stand up for herself, who was sad and it came out as hostility, who was called negative nancy all the time. :/

I know high school can just SUCK, and if you're in high school right now, know that you're so not alone! If you decide to go, college can be this magical land of self discovery. For me, after 3 colleges and downward spiraling, it was in my last year where I finally found my tribe, and more importantly, myself.

People who've known me for a long time know that I'm not exactly super social. I really don't like small talk, I have to have everything planned or it can't happen, and I can be rather quiet in social situations.

That is....until I discovered my passion. Friendship is an awesome thing. You find fellow weirdos who happen to share your interests, and you just connect. It's taken me all my life to attract my tribe, but now that I'm SO much happier, not treating my body like a trash can, and exuding self love and positivity out into the universe, I've attracted amazing women into my life. <3

Beachbody Coaching

This is for all my introverts who are told to be involved in group activities, told they are strange, or antisocial, or're awesome. :)

I'm sure you don't talk that much in public because you are listening, analyzing, and choose to not really care when mundane things are spoken about like celebrities and reality shows. That sh*t is pointless. I prefer deep discussions, real talk, goal setting, and the majority of my closet is black. I have purple in my hair, I still defend and love tattoos and piercings, I still don't talk that much in social settings, but I've found people who make me feel amazing, who make me feel wanted in their lives, who exude the same passion for LIFE, HEALTH, ANIMALS, EMPOWERMENT, awesome VEGAN food, and SELF LOVE. <3

Hey you! Smile, and let the world know how badass and amazing you are. If they don't see it, who cares. Your vibe is attracting your own little tribe--and I'd rather have a few close friends who GET me, than a bunch of acquaintances who don't. I owe this self discovery to coaching, punching fear in the face, and working on myself. It was putting myself out there (introvert though I may be), that I am able to help others learn to love themselves and become THEIR best 󾬏:)

Keep doing YOU! If you are looking for like-minded women, I am starting a Facebook group next week to see a behind the scenes day in the life of what I DO as a coach :) We support, we lift up, we HELP, and we share <3 Shoot me an email at if you want to get to know each other and maybe see if coaching can be what you're looking for!

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