Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Backstage Pass Into Coaching

Coach Sneak Peek

Have you been following me a while and wonder how the heck social media is my job?? What the heck do I even do as an online fitness and health coach?

Join my team and I in our 5 Day Backstage Pass into what it is that we do!

Be a Fly on the Wall for one week with me :)

5 Days, 10 min Videos and its F*R*E*E*!! Absolutely no strings attached!

Beachbody Coaching

Even if you are just a little curious as to what a Coach does or have been considering joining the team...this would be the perfect group for you ♥

See what I do DAILY and how I have built a thriving fitness-based business online and from home. :)

Shoot me an mail me at LaurenMcHugh14@gmail.com, or fill out the form below to apply!

I am looking for passionate ladies who want to get paid to live healthy & fit lives, and inspire & motivate others on their personal journeys!

Beachbody Coaches

I lost 40 pounds on this journey, and I found myself. I want to help others become empowered, get outside 
their comfort zones, travel at will, become healthy, love their bodies no matter what the media says, and join me on this epic adventure.

Vegan Transformation

Full training, with social media training, is included so you do NOT need to be a professional. You simply need to be a self-motivated, hard working, GO GETTER! ♥ Earn a part-time or full-time income from home, earn fully paid trips and be part of an amazing and inspiring community of like-minded people.

Learn how to build your own health and fitness business to live a life by your OWN design!! <3

Half Dome Hike

I have huge goals for my team because I know what it's like to grow so much in such a short amount of time. Like any business, it takes work, consistency, and personal growth. However, my team works hard, we play hard, and we realize our potential every single day by working on ourselves to help others also become the best version of themselves. 

Platinum Edge

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, want to find yourself again, embrace who you are, smile more, become a healthy, confident individual who can also help others with their health, this might be a sign for you. You get what you put in, and I'd love to get to know what YOUR dreams are. 

If you've seen my posts, and wonder what the heck it is that I actually do, where I have financial freedom, travel all over and often, earn free trips, cross the border to Canada to attend a team retreat, workout with celebrity fitness trainers, exude positivity and self love, make my own tribe of amazing women on their journey to confidence and passion for health, then you will want in my NEW 5 Day Coach Sneak Peek group! This is 5 days of worth of information/a behind the scenes of what coaching is all about in a private Facebook group! :) 

Shoot me an email at LaurenMcHugh14@gmail.com to join the group--we start on Monday, February 8th smile emoticon

21 Day Fix

My coaching experience started with a workout program that changed my health...but now it's flourished into this huge DREAM job where I can wear yoga pants all day at home, "work" on social media, with zero business experience, and make this my full-time income.

You do NOT need to be in your best shape, you do NOT need a business/sales background, and you do NOT need a degree/be certified as a trainer. You simply need to have drive and passion when it comes to helping others with their fitness and health (while also working on your own!). heart emoticon

I am looking for BIG dreamers, go-getters, and those who want to really make a difference in the world and their financial freedom. 

**If you are interested, Email me at laurenmchugh14@gmail.com, or fill out the application below to claim your spot!**

**Please do not apply if you are already a coach or working with one. 
U.S. and Canadian residents only, and you must be 20 and older*


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