Monday, February 29, 2016

Face Your Fears

Motivation Monday

Face your fears and do it anyway. 

Be bold, be vulnerable, be you. Don't spend your time on people who don't FUEL you. 
Spend time on the positive influences, share your journey with them, and expose your story, your vulnerabilities, your moments of clarity with those around you. 

Be intentional about where you spend your time, and who with. 
Life is too short to be dragged down by any negativity. 
Control what you can, but let go of what you can't. 
Turn ah ha moments into ACTION. I feel like STARTING is what stops most of us. 

Face Your Fears

You HAVE to jump all in, and give every single ounce of energy into something that scares you. After you reach your goal, face your fear, and do it anyway, and if you gave it 110%, you are successful. 

Face your fears and do it anyway, I know you can  do it. :)

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