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How to Date an Omnivore ;)

How to Date an Omnivore

You know when you're at a restaurant and the wait staff seems to KNOW you don't eat meat? Like they always put the meat appetizers in front of you?

"Here's your calamari," as they proceed to watch your reaction as they place the food in front of you. Like really? Can't it just go in the MIDDLE of the table and not in front of me??

Plant Strong

I've been getting requests to talk about how to date an omnivore as a vegan. Now, it hasn't always been easy, the struggle is still real, but here's the word you have to get used to saying: compromise

I've been dating my man for almost 7 years, most of which I've been a strict vegetarian. Let's be real, it's quite easy to be a vegetarian at most restaurants. There's almost always a quesadilla, or salad without chicken, or soup, or a veggie burger, or veggie sides. 

As a vegan, not so much. My boyfriend and I live a healthy lifestyle. We workout 5+ times per week, he counts his macros, I use my color coded portion control containers, and we don't splurge or go out often. So when we DO, these are some tips I'd offer my fellow vegans with their omni significant other :)

1. Use separate cook wear. If you don't go out often (like us), learn to meal prep. Have him cook his animal protein separate from your veggie protein, and share all your veggies! Be the good influence ;) When I lived with non vegans, I always used my own dishes and separate containers. This makes for a much less hostile living environment, lol!

2. Plan date nights monthly. Do your research and decide together where you want to go. You can always give him/her one night and you can have one night where the restaurant is more geared to that lifestyle. For example, go to a vegan restaurant once a month, and a not so vegan friendly place once a month for him (like a brewery if you refuse to go to a steak house--call ahead and ask about vegan options OR just create your own).

3. Share, don't lecture. Sure, you're super passionate about your lifestyle, but as we all know, it can be taken the wrong way. Us vegans can be seen as high and mighty and annoying because we care a LOT. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle and we're damn passionate! But lecturing them, sitting them in front of Netflix, showing them awful videos...yeah they don't work. Or maybe they do for a month...but veganism should not be forced. It's a huge lifestyle change and should be treated as such. Don't be pushy, just share! Honestly they'll see a huge change in your appearance, mood, skin, habits etc ;)

4. Stock up on vegan snacks! When you're road tripping, that shit is hard to find herbivore friendly places! Go to whole foods and stock up on vegan snacks (vega bars, popcorn, nuts, dried fruit, cold brew, fresh fruit, shakeology, etc!).

5. Think of your significant others' fave foods. Now veganize them!! Most meat/dairy filled recipes are quite simple to veganize nowadays! Have a date night in and make something together! I would suggest Trader Joes pizzas--you can get wheat dough, they can choose whatever. You can both get veggie toppings, sauce, and he/she can get cheese while you get vegan cheese. He can cook with meat, you can add whatever to yours. Making pizzas is fun to do together! Open some vino, put on a movie, and maybe each get a dessert to share. If you're at trader joes, check out the chocolate covered bananas and Joe Joe's! Nom! ;)

How to compromise

I think people make this way harder than it needs to be. Simply educate yourself, do your research with restaurants, and live a healthy and happy balanced life together! My boyfriend and I have a few restaurants we go to in our town because we know we can both find options. I usually always have luck at Mexican restaurants, burger joints (usually a veggie option, just make sure the patty doesn't have dairy), and always pizza places--most dough is vegan, and you can simply ask for no cheese--easy peasy!! ;)

1. Whole foods
2. Chipotle: you can never go wrong with guac, beans, and rice!
3. Yard House has amazing vegan options
4. Blaze Pizza or any pizza place really
5. Most Breweries have vegan options or you can easily create your own

Click the link above to see a great breakdown of restaurants that have vegan options! Approved by PETA, so it's legit ;)

Are you a new vegan? A vegetarian trying to transition to vegan? Shoot me an email, I'd love to offer some tips! :)


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