Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to Not Overindulge on Superbowl Sunday

Clean Eating Superbowl

How to Not Overindulge on Superbowl Sunday (Even though I do not watch sports, only hockey occasionally, I made this list based on how I'm treating one of my all-time FAVE holidays, Valentine's day <3):

1. Get your workout in--if the game is later in the day, you have time to do some sort of physical activity (tailgating does not count, lol!). Get in a run, do some yoga, go for a walk, or go crazy and lift some heavy weights and burn some calories!

2. Prep healthy snacks--let's be honest, most of the food at Super Bowl parties is wings, pizza, beer, and chips. While all of that minus the wings sounds amazing, if you're on a fitness journey, overindulging can throw you off your game (pun intended). If I binge, I know it's going to happen again, so while balance is cool and all, for me it's more about cutting foods out for a certain amount of time to create a healthy habit.

3. Limit your alcohol intake--I'm sure that seems ridiculous since there are SO MANY beer commercials today, but hey, maybe switch to some red wine? And limit yourself to 2 glasses. Factor this into your calories. I know I'll be indulging in some champagne or red wine on Valentine's day, but I'm also setting myself up so this is a treat--not drinking it every night like I used to.

4. Realize you're human and just factor this into your food for the week. If you decide to indulge, don't beat yourself up. Just get your workout in, make sure to meal prep for the week, and stay on track. You've designated today as your fun day, so just be a little more conscious during the week! I know I'll be doing that on Valentine's day....a vegan cookie will be happening that's for sure. <3

5. Eat before you party--not only if you decide to drink, but so you're not starving when you walk in to the heaps of doritos and mountains of queso. Eat a meal beforehand, and bring your own snacks to share--healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless or boring. I posted a delicious vegan mac n cheese recipe yesterday that you can put over chili, zoodles, chips, pretzels, whatever! It's made of plants too, so no stomachache ;)

**You're human. Balance is what matters. Enjoy your life and indulge occasionally. Don't beat yourself up, just get right back on track tomorrow! :)

Happy Super Bowl!!

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