Friday, March 18, 2016

The Master's Chisel & 22 Minute Hard Corps Hybrid Workout Schedule

I'm so excited to announce my new hybrid workout schedule for the next 30 days!! I've been waiting for the program 22 Minute Hard Corps (by Tony Horton, creator of P90X), to come out for months now! It's finally here and I've been thinking I need to make a major change.

I started the 60 Day Program The Master's Hammer & Chisel in January and completed the entire thing start to finish! The Master's H&C is entirely weight-lifting based and was the most intense workout program I have done to date.  I am used to doing workouts such as 21 Day Fix & Body Beast which also include weights, however, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone even further!
What better way to do that than incorporating two of the newest and most INTENSE workouts of Beachbody History!?

22 Minute Hard Corps is all about taking cardio to the next level by incorporating Military style Physical Training moves to work every area of your body all in just 22 minutes!! NO excuses with this one! ;) 

SO, this is a challenge for me--but one I've accepted and fallen in love with! I've done a sneak peek of this program twice, and I mainly loved it because Tony Horton is just SO inspiring!!! He is totally no-non sense and kicks my butt! I LOVE it! What's great about this program is that it is perfect for beginners but still challenging enough for those that are more advanced when it comes to working out. Getting amazing results in just 22 minutes is a plus too!

Chisel and 22 Minute Hard Corps Hybrid Schedule

I'm combining the two because: 
1. 22 Minute Hard Corps is brand new and I've been wanting to try it for a while now

2. I've already done The Master's Hammer & Chisel and now just want to focus on getting lean with Chisel

3. I love cardio, and I didn't want to just focus on one program -- two programs keeps things interesting, and there is also a sand bag that I'll use for body weight exercises! How badass is that?!

I took my progress pictures today, and I'll be sharing my progress and journey with you all weekly! :) I'm also following the 21 Day Fix portion control containers to keep my nutrition on track--vegan plan of course. These containers are included in the Master's Hammer & Chisel basic program and the 22 Minute Hard Corps program.  I have a plant-based lifestyle, so I'll be focusing on making sure I have enough of each food group to keep my body ready for this challenge! 

 If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing with me, send an email or fill out the application below to join my wellness community and stay accountable the entire time!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Power of a Morning Ritual

Miracle Morning

I can't stress this enough, it is SO important to have a morning ritual. I say ritual instead of routine because a routine is basically just going through the motions. A ritual is something you truly take to heart and learn from each and every day.

A while back, I was going to sleep late like 2 or 3 AM and waking up late as a result. I didn't have a planned time to workout. I was always groggy, with no energy when I woke. I basically was setting myself up for failure every single day.

I decided I was going to change the course of my life and start each morning with "The Miracle Morning" and get myself going in the right direction. It has been truly life changing! :)

If you have a full time job, if you're a mom, or a student you can STILL have a morning ritual. It doesn't have to be this exact one. It can be as little as 5 minutes in the morning. I am just sharing with you what has worked worked for me since the beginning of this year, and the first step is to have that ritual that you are going to stick with!

So the way I start my morning ritual is with SAVERS (this is taken from The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod).

S- Silence
A- Affirmations
V- Visualization
E- Exercise
R- Reading
S- Scribing

The first thing I do when I wake up at 6 AM is turn my phone upside, eliminate all distractions, and go through a quick guided meditation. If you're like me, as soon as you wake up you have a hundred thoughts racing through your head. Many times, it's just too much to be thinking about at once. So I sit down in my clean work space in my pajamas and go through a 3-5 minute guided mediation. Some of the best you can even find on Youtube. Like anything, this can be difficult at first, but once you get used to listening to soothing sounds it becomes very freeing. One of my favorites on Youtube is "Free Your Mind" but you can just type in 3 minute guided meditation and many will pop up. This part of your ritual WILL get easier as you learn to let those racing thoughts go!

Love Yourself
Daily Affirmation Calendar :)

After you are relaxed and free from worry, the next step is to go over affirmations. I got my morning affirmations from a calendar I purchased on Amazon by Louise Hay. Each day has it's own affirmation that I read to myself to remind myself of positive thoughts. This is SO important! Positive thoughts equal a positive life! You can go on Pinterest, you can go on Youtube, there are many ways to find affirmations. Affirmations truly help change your life. They help build confidence, they build self-love. Affirmations can truly improve so many aspects of your life.

Next, is to visualize what you want for your life. You can write this down, but I personally have a vision board that I made online and I am always adding to it. I have this as my computer background, I always have it in sight so I can visualize the things I want in life. Visualizing goes hand in hand with affirmations. I use my vision board to speak positivity into my life in the present tense!

When my morning ritual is complete, I exercise. #DUH lol. I exercise every single day! It's a really important part of my life. I drink my pre-workout while I'm doing one of my other activities in the Miracle Morning, and then I workout as soon as it is completed. Working out helps with my health, with my mindset, with my confidence, with my appearance. Exercise is another activity that is just too important for every aspect of your life, it cannot be skipped!

While I'm drinking my pre-workout, I read my personal development. Personal Development can be read, or you can listen to an audio book, a motivational podcast, or even catch a quick motivational video on Youtube. I usually read about one book per month if not more, and listen to other things in-between. This helps to continually fuel my mind with positive vibes.

Finally, the last part of my morning ritual is to scribe... which means to write something down. Sometimes I write down a list of people I am thankful for, sometimes I write down a to-do list and prioritize tasks that align with my dreams and goals.

Again, when my Miracle Morning is done, this is when I do my workout!

I do this morning ritual every single day! It is something that is so important to share with you because I see how much it has changed my life. I have been able to grow my fitness business that I run entirely from home and I truly believe it's because of my complete mindset shift as a result of having a morning ritual. I have been able to build better relationships because of how I have been able to grow as a person. I am able to handle high stress situations because of the things my morning ritual has taught me. I've kept my diet on track and I stuck to my new program Hammer & Chisel without cheating. I've all around changed as a person and it has affected my life in such a positive way.

I encourage you all to pick up "Miracle Morning" if you haven't already and get started with a morning ritual!

If you need any help with these steps, or would like to chat about starting a morning ritual, please send me an email at


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Be Free, Embrace Your Power

You are powerful

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." 
--Alice Walker 

You DO have power. You ARE capable. You ARE loved. You ARE strong. It's just a matter of taking that all in and DOING something with it. 

Life is what you make of it. Get outside, embrace your power, do something that scares you everyday, and get moving. 

No one is going to do it for you.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Healthy Vegan Asian Stir Fry Recipe

Vegan Asian Stir Fry

This healthy, (vegan) Asian stir fry recipe is one of my favorite go-to recipes that I make every now and then! This time I got all my ingredients at Trader Joe's for a very reasonable price if you are on a budget.

The recipe can be made quickly and while you are getting other things done around the house, so it's perfect if you are a stay at home mom! I have to let you all know that this is not based off of a 21 Day Fix meal plan, however it can be portioned accordingly using your seven color coded portion control containers.

How to Make Vegan Asian Stir Fry

What you need:

- 2 Packages Extra Firm Cubed Tofu (this cooks the best in my opinion)
- Fresh Rice Noodles
- Pre-cut Asian Stir fry vegetables
- Soyaki Sauce- 40 calories in one TB, I use about 2. This sauce is vegan, and super flavorful!
- Crushed/Minced Garlic
- Bok Choy

How to make:

Cooking Rice Noodles

I start by draining my tofu, because this takes the longest. While my tofu is draining, I begin cooking my rice noodles. Rice noodles take only about two minutes to cook by following the package directions. When the rice noodles are done, I drain them, and pour cold Brita water on top of them. Let the rice noodles sit while cooking the rest of your stir fry.

Asian Stir Fry Recipe
I love using the precut veggies--no prep time! :)

Next, heat up a frying pan with a TB of olive oil. Add your pre-cut vegetables to this pan and cook thoroughly. Season with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and minced garlic while cooking.

how to properly cook tofu

While the vegetables are cooking, I add my tofu to a separate frying pan with heated olive oil. Cook these until brown on all sides. 

Cooking Bok Choi

While the tofu is cooking, chop your bok choy. When tofu is done cooking, add it on top of the tofu. It welts really fast, so you want to add this is in right before you combine everything together.

Vegan Stir Fry

In a large wok, or pan, combine vegetables and cooked tofu. Drain rice noodles and add two TB of soyaki sauce. Add rice noodles to your vegetables and tofu using tongs if available because the noodles can be sticky.

Healthy Stir Fry

This recipe should make at least four servings, so it is great for meal prep! It is so flavorful, you won't even realize that it is totally vegan ;)

If you like this recipe, shoot me an email or request to have me make something!


Friday, March 4, 2016

"Better Then Chipotle" Vegan Burrito Bowl

Better then Chipotle Vegan Burrito Bowl

So, what is a “Better Then Chipotle" Vegan Burrito Bowl? It is a dish I make every week for meal prep! It is basically the same as a bowl you would get from Chipotle, but it's vegan…. And it’s BETTER! ;) It also won't make your stomach hurt--which mine does, without fail, every time I eat there.

Instead of waiting in long lines at Chipotle, you can make this bowl right from your own kitchen and with JUST three ingredients! I love it because the three main ingredients are always the same but then you can add anything on top to make it your own. Sometimes I use nutritional yeast (okay let’s be real, I always use nutritional yeast <3), sometimes I add avocado and hot sauce. It’s pretty much up to you!

What you’ll need:
-        - Quinoa
-       -  Beyond Beef protein crumbles
-       -  Pre-cut Bell Peppers

How to make:

How to cook quinoa

First you combine one cup of Quinoa with two cups of water and heat on stove. You can use any brand of Quinoa. I get most of my ingredients at my favorite store, Whole Foods! This should make about three cups of cooked Quinoa.

Meatless Crumbles

Next, heat up some olive oil in a frying pan. Add your Beyond Beef protein crumbles. I like to use the feisty ones because it adds a little bit of a kick and Beyond Beef is my favorite because it contains double the amount of protein as other brands. Continually stir the protein crumbles until fully cooked. I do not add any spices to these because the feisty crumbles already have a ton of flavor.

21 Day Fix Recipe

Once your protein crumbles and quinoa are cooked you will want to portion them out into bowls. I use my color coded portion control containers to measure how much of each I will use. I use my red container to measure protein crumbles, my yellow container to measure out the quinoa which is considered a carb, and my green container to measure out the bell peppers once they are done cooking--which is for vegetables.

Portion Control

After portioning out your crumbles and quinoa, you will want to start cooking your bell peppers. Again, heat up some olive oil (or coconut, but the taste will be much different) and stir until cooked on both sides.

How to cook bell peppers

 The bell peppers I do season, usually with cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I tend to over-season, but you can put as much as is tolerable for you. I also sprinkle on some nutritional yeast for taste.

Color Coded Portion Control

When they start to brown you’ll know they are done cooking. Begin portioning these out into your bowls as well.

Secret Spices

Now for my secret ingredients to make these bowls AWESOME… avocado and hot sauce! Yum! I either use avocado or guacamole on top, then add hot sauce and nutritional yeast. You do want to get hot sauce with the least amount of calories.

Guacamole is extra

I’ve actually banned Siracha sauce for this reason even though I’m obsessed with it. Nutritional yeast can be found in bulk or in single containers at Whole Foods also.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

The recipe yields about five bowls for the week which is super cost effective. Sometimes if I run out of protein crumbles (because that only makes about 3 servings max), I will combine it with the amazing tofu I taught you how to make last week! Mixing tofu with protein crumbles still tastes amazing and is packed with protein. 

Was this helpful? Shoot me an email if you're a fellow vegan or transitioning--I'd love to chat and exchange recipes and tips! :) 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Master's Hammer & Chisel Results and Review

Hammer and Chisel Test Group Results

Here it is!! My results from 60 days of my home lifting program!! 

After two months of 6 workouts a week, heavy lifting, a strict vegan meal plan that was flexible and delicious (which I'm sticking with!), not going out, cutting out alcohol, and crazy awesome accountability, I feel the STRONGEST I EVER have! 

After two months of 6 workouts a week, heavy lifting, a strict vegan meal plan that was flexible and delicious (which I'm sticking with!), not going out, cutting out alcohol, and crazy awesome accountability, I feel the STRONGEST I EVER have!
Hammer and Chisel results

You all know by now, I used to call myself a cardio queen. 
Like, that was legit all I did. I had no muscle, and the only time I did build muscle...I wasn't fueling myself with proper nutrition. 

So what did I change this time?!
-Minimal Cardio
-Heavy Lifting
-7am workouts, with meditation and self growth every morning (yes I attribute my results to this as well!) 
-Strict portion control vegan meal plan 
-No alcohol
-No going out to eat
-6 workouts per week, pushing myself to the max every time
-Accountability buddies I talked to every day online 

I'm happy to report that I lost 6 inches and 2 pounds...but f*ck the scale. You know what I GAINED?! Confidence, not sucking in my stomach every time I walk in public, cranking out a minute of push-ups on my toes, lifting heavy for the first time, squatting deep and feeling damn proud of my curves, having biceps that I can flex, realizing my inner lifting bad-ass, and not caring about what the number on the scale is. 

Yes, I am going to incorporate some cardio to lose some of the fluff, but this was life changing, dudes. 
 I started 2016 with the intent to make this the healthiest and most fulfilling year of my life, and no other program would have provided what I received--more self esteem, muscle, confidence, and an overall boost on my happiness scale 

hammer and chisel 60 day results

So who is this program for?

Hammer and Chisel IS for you if...
you love to lift weights
you want to push yourself to the max
you want to challenge yourself at the gym
you want an effective meal plan
you want to feel badass after each workout
you want to grow those abs ;)

It is NOT for you if...
you don't want to build muscle
you want to see a huge change on the scale fast (aka a quick fix)
you give up easily--you have to push yourself!
you need more cardio
you have back problems, etc

*Note: a modifier is always available on screen :)

Hammer and Chisel Vegan Meal Plan

This was the hardest program I have done to date but it was SO worth it! I have evolved in more ways than one and I am loving my mental change almost more than the physical changes I have been seeing. 

If you are looking to start a healthy lifestyle, want to become more fit, want to push yourself harder than ever before, and gain the confidence back that you've been lacking I want to help you!!

Fill out the form below and we can get you in my March Health & Wellness Community!

You can also email me any time with questions at

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