Friday, March 4, 2016

"Better Then Chipotle" Vegan Burrito Bowl

Better then Chipotle Vegan Burrito Bowl

So, what is a “Better Then Chipotle" Vegan Burrito Bowl? It is a dish I make every week for meal prep! It is basically the same as a bowl you would get from Chipotle, but it's vegan…. And it’s BETTER! ;) It also won't make your stomach hurt--which mine does, without fail, every time I eat there.

Instead of waiting in long lines at Chipotle, you can make this bowl right from your own kitchen and with JUST three ingredients! I love it because the three main ingredients are always the same but then you can add anything on top to make it your own. Sometimes I use nutritional yeast (okay let’s be real, I always use nutritional yeast <3), sometimes I add avocado and hot sauce. It’s pretty much up to you!

What you’ll need:
-        - Quinoa
-       -  Beyond Beef protein crumbles
-       -  Pre-cut Bell Peppers

How to make:

How to cook quinoa

First you combine one cup of Quinoa with two cups of water and heat on stove. You can use any brand of Quinoa. I get most of my ingredients at my favorite store, Whole Foods! This should make about three cups of cooked Quinoa.

Meatless Crumbles

Next, heat up some olive oil in a frying pan. Add your Beyond Beef protein crumbles. I like to use the feisty ones because it adds a little bit of a kick and Beyond Beef is my favorite because it contains double the amount of protein as other brands. Continually stir the protein crumbles until fully cooked. I do not add any spices to these because the feisty crumbles already have a ton of flavor.

21 Day Fix Recipe

Once your protein crumbles and quinoa are cooked you will want to portion them out into bowls. I use my color coded portion control containers to measure how much of each I will use. I use my red container to measure protein crumbles, my yellow container to measure out the quinoa which is considered a carb, and my green container to measure out the bell peppers once they are done cooking--which is for vegetables.

Portion Control

After portioning out your crumbles and quinoa, you will want to start cooking your bell peppers. Again, heat up some olive oil (or coconut, but the taste will be much different) and stir until cooked on both sides.

How to cook bell peppers

 The bell peppers I do season, usually with cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I tend to over-season, but you can put as much as is tolerable for you. I also sprinkle on some nutritional yeast for taste.

Color Coded Portion Control

When they start to brown you’ll know they are done cooking. Begin portioning these out into your bowls as well.

Secret Spices

Now for my secret ingredients to make these bowls AWESOME… avocado and hot sauce! Yum! I either use avocado or guacamole on top, then add hot sauce and nutritional yeast. You do want to get hot sauce with the least amount of calories.

Guacamole is extra

I’ve actually banned Siracha sauce for this reason even though I’m obsessed with it. Nutritional yeast can be found in bulk or in single containers at Whole Foods also.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

The recipe yields about five bowls for the week which is super cost effective. Sometimes if I run out of protein crumbles (because that only makes about 3 servings max), I will combine it with the amazing tofu I taught you how to make last week! Mixing tofu with protein crumbles still tastes amazing and is packed with protein. 

Was this helpful? Shoot me an email if you're a fellow vegan or transitioning--I'd love to chat and exchange recipes and tips! :) 

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