Sunday, April 10, 2016

Challenger Testimonials--My Amazing Team!

Can we all pause a sec to recognize some BEAUTIES on my team of coaches for kicking major ass on their fitness journeys?!

I had to shoutout two of the ladies who dominated my last month's wellness community!

I always celebrate my challengers' victories, no matter how small they are, and we always focus on mental growth, as well as physical! Every month I reward my top 1-2 rockstars who consistently pushed play on their program, kept their fitness on track, fueled themselves with personal development, AND supported all the others in our tight community as well!

These two surpassed their goals and I'm beyond proud of their progress! <3

Liv CRUSHED the 60 day home workout program I recently finished, Hammer and Chisel. Even though this program isn't necessarily about weight loss, more muscle and confidence gain, she lost 17 INCHES!!! Amazing, right!? 
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She also dropped six pounds, and went from a size 12 to a size 6!! WHAT?! She kicked some serious booty and is an amazing example of a non scale achievement! 

"I've done SO many different things to get in shape - from being a college athlete, to training for marathons and triathlons, all the way to every workout class you can think of. The all had the same result - failure. We all have such busy lives that having a workout that challenges you, doesn't require two hours in a gym and easily fits into your schedule is a necessity. I finally feel like I found that with Beachbody! The Hammer and Chisel program allowed me to easily get high quality workouts in from the comfort of my home and taught me how to build healthy meals. Between the Shakeology amd food portion containers, I feel much better equipped to fuel my body and build strength. I saw unbelievable results without rearranging my lifestyle. This is the only thing I have ever done I've been so excited and happy about that I HAD to share it with my friends and family. I'm stronger, more confident and definitely look healthy and happy. I thank my lucky stars to have found Lauren and Beachbody!"

SO proud of all her hard work!! <3

21 day fix extreme testimonial

Vanessa is a Beachbody vet, having completed so many programs like a boss and making some AMAZING changes! :) She is not only super consistent with her workouts, but she is a fellow vegan and followed an entirely "fix approved" vegan meal plan


21 day fix extreme results

"I started my journey with 21 day fix and then went straight for 21 day fix extreme!  I then started Hammer and Chisel for 30 days which helped me get stronger and build muscle. I owe a lot to being in a wellness group where we motivated each other to workout every day and celebrated NSVs and scale victories! It was a major motivating aspect to me complete those two rounds and to keep going.  

I lost 6 pounds and 17 inches from my body in this time! I loved the challenge of the programs, but loved feeling even stronger each week. I went from a tight size 8 to a size 6!  This is the smallest I've ever been in my adult life, and I want to keep going! I no longer need to tug at my shirts or wear sweaters to cover up any more. I feel more confident in wearing t-shirts and skinny jeans when I go out. I feel energetic and I'm way more outgoing now in public. I used to shy away from talking to strangers but now find myself engaging in conversations! This journey has not only changed my body, but my mind as well! I can't wait to see where the next program takes me!" 

How incredible are they?!

They are true examples of hard work, dedication, and SUPPORTING others on their journeys! :)

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