Friday, May 27, 2016

Body Shame or Body Love? Your Choice

Love Yourself

If there is one thing I’ve learned through my entire fitness/self-love journey, it’s to take care of your body.

You know why? It's the only one you'll ever have! 

Sore? Stretch.

Anxiety? Yoga.
Sluggish? Water.
Bad Mood? Dance/Cardio/Lift

We can cure a bad mood with workouts, we can fuel our bodies with the right nutrition to avoid many ailments, and we can take care of and love our bodies every single day.
Life is about balance, but make sure you don't treat your body like a trash can--not just with proper nutrition, but talk about your body like you would your best friends.
Would you call your best friend fat? Ugly? Make up excuses why she can't work out?

No, I hope most of us wouldn't! What we constantly tell ourselves...we believe. A healthy body comes from a mindset shift. Trust me, it's been a very long road to self-love and I still struggle with it daily.

Social media can have 2 extremes: body shame or body love.
I choose love! Even when I hate how I look in an outfit, even when I gain a few pounds, even when I feel like giving up, I push through.
 I no longer cry when looking in the mirror. I no longer binge like crazy and then step on the scale every day and punish myself.
 I no longer eat like shit and then burn more calories than I consume.
Yes, I'm a work in progress. But that's it...progress, not perfection. Take care of your body--all of it, body, mindset, self-esteem, and muscles, all of it.
Throw the scale away if it makes you unhappy. Use measuring tape to track progress...or just how you're feeling! Be proud of who you are, flaunt what you want, and be kind to yourself.

How to find balance

I learned all of this through my fitness journey that I started with a little program called Turbo Fire. As a college student, spending most of my days hating myself, I decided that way of life had to end! I started Turbo Fire, and quickly saw my life turn around.

A few months later, Turbo Fire led to becoming a coach full-time. Talk about LIFE CHANGING! Not only did I lose 40 pounds, become more confident, and learn how to love myself, I also created an entire at home business and met some of the most amazing people who are now some of my best friends!

I am now in the process of re-doing the entire Turbo Fire program, and man has it opened my eyes once again! If you are struggling with your weight, with self-love, with how to properly treat your 
body, I would love to become your mentor.

I’ve been there, and I would love nothing more than to guide you through your journey too. If you are interested in trying out the Turbo Fire program, (or we can find a specific one for your goals) and joining my accountability group starting June 1st please send an email to

Remember to always LOVE YOURSELF <3

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