Sunday, May 29, 2016

Easy Low Carb Hearty Vegan Recipe

Hearty Vegan Recipe

There’s a few ingredients that are a MUST when I do my weekly whole foods shopping, and zoodles are one of them! If you don’t know by now, zoodles are noodle shaped zucchini that are an amazing alternative to high-carb pasta and are perfect for easy vegan recipes.
You can make your own with a spiralizer or get them pre-cut like I do at Whole Foods. You can even order them ahead to make sure they have them in stock when you stop in.
This simple vegan recipe I am about to share with you is a delicious low carb hearty vegan dinner that won’t break your bank account! ;)

What You Need:
-         -Zoodles
-        - Meatless Beef Crumbles (I used Beyond Beef)
-         -Tomato Sauce (I used Mia’s Kitchen- Authentic Pasta Sauce in Siracha Flavor)
-         -Go Veggie Parmesan Cheese for an alternative topping to my absolute favorite nutritional yeast aka nooch lol
-         -Olive oil

Simple Vegan Recipe

 1. Prep zoodles by draining out all of the water. You can see how to do that here.

2. Put zoodles in a pan on medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Cook like a stir fry, turning zoodles every couple minutes to evenly cook on all sides. I add some garlic and cayenne for some spice!
 3.   In a separate pan, add another table spoon of olive oil on medium-high heat and cook Beyond Beef meatless meat crumbles. Stir every couple minutes to ensure that the crumbles are cooked.
4. Add pasta sauce to meatless meat crumbles.
 5. Top cooked zoodles with sauced up meatless crumbles.
6.  Finish by plating the dish, and sprinkling Vegan Parmesan cheese or nooch on top of crumbles.

This easy vegan recipe will make at least two servings and is perfect for meal prep! If the sauce is too thick, add more sauce on top of the crumbles!
Being vegan doesn’t have to be a challenge! There are plenty of simple recipes that are equally as delicious to their omnivore counterparts, and I am dedicated to only bringing you the best vegan meals that I’ve made so far! :)

This simple recipe is great because you can add in any extra veggies that you want to spice it up!

If you try this recipe, be sure to comment below!

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