Thursday, May 12, 2016

Student to CEO: Empowering Women Through Virtual Fitness Coaching


Many people might think I just post positive posts for fun.
I'm sure some of these thoughts have even crossed your mind: "That's cool, she's lost over 40 pounds," "She must really love vegan food," "How does she play on social media for a job? That's cute."

Weightloss Transformation

Behind all the positive posts, affirmations, 40+ pound weight loss, and the outpouring of veganism and women empowerment, is a girl who started from the bottom, with the hopes of potentially doing something great someday.

I started this dream with zero following and zero ideas. I was hoping to inspire anyone out there while I jumped around my dorm room kickboxing with my idol Chalene Johnson. 
Now, behind all of my posts is an entrepreneur with a purpose to SERVE.

Team High Voltage

I'm not just aimlessly posting positivity, I have a TEAM of women who I mentor on how to build their businesses online. Yes, it is health related, yes it is about empowerment, but my TEAM is my family.

We are friends from all over the U.S. and Canada. I talk about them nonstop, because they are my driving force, the women I strive to help daily lead happier, more fulfilling lives. I teach self-love, balance, a healthy lifestyle, veganism, body positivity, and just so much more.

Woman Crush Wednesday

I woke up this morning excited to talk to more go-getters who are PUMPED and ready for a positive change, and I woke up to this INCREDIBLE video my amazing coach put together with some of the leaders on my team! I was just SO overcome with emotion!

After I finished bawling and reaching out to them, I thought I'd share this with you all--because my business is not about ME, it's about the women that bring me to tears even thinking about how they can now stay at home with their kids, travel more, not have to commute in the snow, they can rely on themselves, and THAT is called women empowerment. 

wink emoticoMy team starts at 21:59, and yes that is our theme song <3heart emoticon

Team High Voltage, you mean everything to me!!!

If you have seen what I do as a coach and want to learn how to do it too, please reach out to me! You can send an email to I would love to help you create a life you LOVE to live the same way I did for myself!


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