Tuesday, July 5, 2016

21 Day Ultimate Vegan Cleanse

ultimate reset vegan

Here we go again!! For the next 21 days, I will be revisiting my Ultimate Reset Experience. This 21 Day ULTIMATE Cleanse is one of willpower, and mental strength! It is 100% nutrition based, and really focuses on the mind, body, and spirit connection! SO, I thought it would be the perfect program to do right in the middle of Summer, directly after 4th of July! Let's completely RESET our health, and work on our inner strength the entire time in an intimate community of constant support! :)

This is for YOU if:
*You are looking for a lifestye change
*You need a huge shift in your nutrition
*You want to learn how to fuel yourself properly
*You would like to work on your mindset
*You want a safe space to talk about OVERALL health
*You're feeling like you have been over indulging and don't know where else to turn
*You would like to do very low impact workouts from the comfort of your own home
*You want to reverse bad eating habits and take control of your life!
*You have an open mind, heart, and want to work on personal GROWTH every single day ♥

vegan girl bootcamp

Here's what you receive:

*An intimate community of SUPPORT: including weekly Zoom calls, meditation exercises, gratitude, self love talks, etc!
*Ultimate Reset KIT:
*QuickStart Guide with a breakdown of how to use your kit
*Full Schedule Guide to take to work with what supplements to take at what time of day
*Program and Nutrition Guide (recipes, schedule, supplements)
*DVDs explaining the cleanse, and a cooking class
*Supplement Bag
*Supplements: Mineralize, Alkalinize (aka Power Greens), Optimize, Revitalize, Detox, & Soothe >> explained in the video above :)
*21 Day Low Impact Exercise Calendar
*30 day supply of either chocolate or strawberry vegan Superfoods
*My 1 on 1 coaching
*Weekly Live Accountability Calls, Daily Motivation, Meal Plan
*Bracelet as a reminder to stay on track!
*Cleanse Community :)

ultimate reset results
Last time, I lost over 12 pounds and 12 inches in 3 weeks with this cleanse <3

We will also all be doing what's called a "Miracle Morning" to start every day on the right track, be in a positive state of mind, and to gain more knowledge! ♥

There is an initial investment in YOURSELF and your HEALTH! Your health is an investment, not an expense. You are worth it ♥
To apply for this intimate community, send me an email at LaurenMcHughHealth@gmail.com, and follow the cleanse experience on my snapchat story! Username: Dream4tmrw

vegetarian to vegan

We officially begin on July 6th--claim your spot ASAP! :)


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