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How to Consistently Have High Energy!

Tony Robbins

As many of you probably know, I was able to attend "Unleash The Power Within" with the one and only Tony Robbins, along with the other leaders on my team recently! It was an absolutely amazing and LIFE CHANGING experience! So what did I take away? SO much!! I could make a thousand blogs and not cover everything...but the overwhelming feeling that I walked away with...Gratitude is EVERYTHING!!


Seriously, I start each day thinking about exactly what I am grateful for, along with practicing the exercises I learned at UPW. I just had a chance to share these practices with the other girls on my team in a call I never thought would be possible. My heart is just so full of emotions, I had to let them in on the secrets of Unleashing the Power Within THEM, and I want to share those same exercises with you as well! :)

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At UPW, the energy in the room and the emotional states were at an all-time high, and I know it was because of the powerful exercises we did each day. I have been continuing them in my routine, and I am seeing incredible amounts of energy that I didn't even know I had! I want you to have this same feeling of fulfillment, happiness and pure ENERGY!! If you follow the steps I'm about to give, on how to have consistent high energy, I know you will start to see a change in your life immediately.


1. Priming - DO IT LIVE HERE

Step 1: Think of 3 moments you’re grateful for over a course of about 3 minutes. Let them sink in--feel what you felt then, breathe how you would in that emotional state, let it consume you. Think of one off the top of your head, make it simple! Then think of different moments in your life, and fill yourself with an abundance of gratitude. This should make you pretty emotional <3

Step 2: Feel the Energy in You (Prayer/Meditation) for another 3 minutes. Imagine any problem in your life being solved, now feel a light filling you up. Let the best parts of you be strengthened, and send those vibes out to everyone. LAW OF ATTRACTION!

Step 3: Think of 3 things you are going to create. Envision the end result of the goals in your life. Feel how you want to feel after accomplishing those goals!

I highly recommend you do the guided priming exercise linked above because it involves a breathing technique, but that's easily 10 minutes of priming to get you started on the right foot!

*Between Priming & Changing Your State I like to listen to a motivational podcast!*


2.  Change Your State

Changing your state is used to have unstoppable, consistent energy!! It doesn't mean to find happiness in waves. It means to change the state of your entire being, and start consistently living a happy life. How do you do this?

Step 1: Listen to "Life" by Haddaway....... Just trust me! Tony Robbins picked it out, it's what we danced to for four days straight, and it works! I do this before my team calls, or when I am going to make a post I am unsure about. It pumps me up!

Step 2: Get up and DANCE! ;) While you're standing. While you're sitting. Moving changes your posture, changes your focus, relaxes your muscles... it completely changes your energy and physiology!

Step 3: Fist pump, smile, get excited! Have you ever heard that if you walk around smiling it will trick your body into thinking you're happy? It's true!!! If you are acting happy... how could you not be happy!?

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3.  Find Your Passion

Your momentum in your life comes from passion. Having values fuels your drive! So how do you find your passion?

Jot down the answers to these questions QUICKLY, while you're in a peak state--make it a brain dump, whatever is at the top of your head:
* What do you LOVE?
* What do you HATE?
* What are you PASSIONATE about?
* What do you really WANT?

(give yourself a minute between each, and if your energy starts to diminish, get in a peak state again!)

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4. Decide, Commit,  & Resolve

This is when it gets deeper, but you have to dig deep to Unleash Your Power!!! While in your peak state, continue answering these questions:

* What are two decisions you made in the past that have positively shaped your life? How did they change your life for the better? What finally got you to decide?

* What are two new decisions you are now committed to making now, and how will they powerfully improve your life?

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5. Take immediate, Intelligent, Consistent, & Massive Action

When you find what you are passionate about and decide to make actions towards your passion intelligently, and consistently, it can be a cure-all to your life!

You have to make a plan and urgently move towards it. Urgency IS power.

Define what you want in your life, why you need it, and when you need it by.


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6. Be S.M.A.R.T & Be honest with yourself

Have a strategy towards getting what you want in life. Check it daily. Change it if need be. Re-engineer it if it's not working. Reinforce it consistently!

What does SMART mean?

S- Strengthen it
M- Measure more often
A- Assess whether its giving you the emotional reward you seek
R- Reinforce what works and take new action to continue the momentum
T- Take new action

S.M.A.R.T is how you use your strategy intelligently. When you want an extraordinarily happy life, you have to work towards it!

With these steps, you can easily move towards being a happier person every single day, all it takes is a snap and a fist pump! You have to know that you CAN do it. It's a matter of changing your state and knowing you WILL do this.
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So I will leave you with this quote, "We don't get what we want, we live what we believe we are"
- Tony Robbins

Think back to when you asked yourself what you want. Are you living in alignment with that? If you want to be successful, do you believe you are in some aspect of your life?

Your mind believes what you TELL it, and if you want success or whatever it may be, you have to tell yourself daily that you are capable of getting that!

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YOU ARE WORTH IT!! I do steps 1 & 2 every morning, and the rest are more for your long-term vision. Revisit them, work on them, make.them.HAPPEN!!! 


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