Friday, October 14, 2016

HOW to Transition to VEGAN

how to go vegan

🍃 My TOP 5 tips on how to go VEGAN 👇🏻

1. Know WHY: the more research you do, the more passionate and committed you'll be. Seriously though. I'd recommend the Netflix documentaries Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, and Earthlings (free on youtube). There's no going back after that.

2. Start SMALL: Gradually removing animal products will basically wean you off them easier. Don't be so hard on yourself at first. I still mess up, read ingredients wrong, etc but I just do my BEST. You're already doing something pretty damn amazing for the world, just try removing one product at a time (like eggs, then cheese, and keep revisiting your WHY).

vegan apparel

3. Go PUBLIC with it: No, I'm not talking preachy crazy person (because let's be real, after watching those documentaries we all want to get that way...been there!), but tell your closest friends, significant other, and/or support groups! This way you stay more accountable--you can also invite these people to do it with you and/or do their research too.

4. Get SUPPORT: This goes hand in hand with going public with it, but there are SO many amazing resources to help you on this journey! I have this blog to help, and I'm here if you ever want guidance, but there are also great groups online, facebook pages, and an awesome community. You don't want to be in this alone! :)

vegan meal prep

5. Get EXCITED and TRY new foods! I think this was most difficult for me at first. I went straight for the dairy/meat substitutes, which caused weight gain, energy decrease, and I was NOT healthy. Instead of the new products (trust me there are SO many to try...but I wouldn't all at once), check out awesome blogs like Oh She Glows, get some amazing cookbooks, and go to town! You'll want to experiment with how to cook tofu properly, amazing chickpea curry recipes, nutritional yeast as a condiment on EVERYTHANG, and btw I have all those recipes and tips on here too! 😎🙌🏻

vegan transition
Unhealthy Happy, Healthy Vegan! :)

💕Us vegans gotta stick together! If you know someone trying to transition, please share these tips! 💕

Thursday, October 6, 2016

From Average to Awesome: How to SQUASH Self Doubt and ROCK Your Life!

vegetarian to vegan transformation

Tired, hopeless, self conscious, low self esteem, heavy, ugly, not fitting in any of my clothes, not feeling comfortable in anything I put on, feeling sick at the thought of a beach day, avoiding mirrors, feeling horrible after I ate...
Have you ever felt this way? 🙁
Girl, I've been there. I remember one of my biggest wake up calls was when my boyfriend had to physically push me up a mountain because I couldn't hike it myself.

With tears forming, breath wheezing, self love plummeting, I decided that day enough was enough. 🚫
No one could make me change but ME. I had to discover that mySELF. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to realize how long we have been stuck there.

vegan transformation

YOU are capable of anything you set your mind to. Want to be more positive? Change your state, blast some podcasts, make a happy playlist, and you're there (just do it daily). 
Want more self confidence? 😎 Start being active, do incantations every day, get outside your comfort zone. 
Want to stop being so shy? 🙈 DO more things. Make a point to talk to people you don't know--even if that's a cashier at a grocery store. Compliment people more, smile more. These are all things I did! ✌🏻️ 
YOU are in control. This is YOUR life, and yes sometimes we have to fall hard, wipe the tears up, realize that we will not be here it's time to just start. 🙌🏻
Start being the BEST damn version of yourself because the world should know and see and FEEL your awesomeness.

If I can, you bet your beautiful self you can too.
Never let anyone tell you differently 😘✌🏻

vegan lifestyle

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." --Nora Ephron 


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