Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vegan Girl Bootcamp

Vegan Girls ONLY!
I'm looking for struggling vegan girls who are looking for health and fitness support to start the new year STRONG! I'll be working with a small, intimate group of women in my Vegan Girl Bootcamp <3
If I can go from binging vegetarian with disordered eating to happy, healthy, balanced can too girl!

Gain access to my bootcamp for an entire year! We'll work together to get you set up with a flexible vegan meal plan, meal prep tools (game changer), a workout program to start with that suits YOUR goals, and a ton of positive support to ensure we ALL stick to it! :)
Let's crush goals together in a community of vegan girls! We will share resources, keep each other accountable, read books together, and you'll receive my Vegan Girl Guide (eeek so excited about my first ebook)! Let's make this your BEST year yet!

For all the details, and some fun bonuses, add yourself to this 1 day Facebook group :)
<3 No strings attached
<3 If you stay to the end, you get a *free* copy of my Vegan Girl Guide
<3 Gain Vegan Grocery lists, sample meal plans, and recipes
<3 Get all the info in THIS group >>
I hope to see you in there! :)

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