Friday, February 10, 2017

Reminder that You can Heal Yourself

I remember the moment exactly. I was sitting at a live event with Tony Robbins, sitting perfectly still, being guided through a 45 minute guided meditation with tears streaming down my face.

"Out of your deepest pain will come your greatest gifts--but this can only happen when you take control of the meaning."

I have gone through obstacles in my life, mostly in my tumultuous teenage years, where I felt powerless and victimized.

Sitting at Unleash the Power Within, surrounded by thousands of people opening themselves up to their deepest pains, willing to get vulnerable, and raw, and express it in a room full of strangers....I was overcome with gratitude. I felt an intense emotional release, and an overwhelming feeling of forgiveness washed over me in that moment.

I took control at that moment. In the past, I coped with over exercising, under-eating, over-eating, self-hate, etc to "deal" with all my pent up anger and hurt...for many years.

I do still deal with low confidence. My mission is all about women empowerment, and I am very open on social media.

I believe that vulnerability is strength, and that was again shown to me and spoke volumes during my meditation at UPW.

We all go through obstacles, but there ARE ways to build up your resilience and confidence <3

Think of times when you faced adversity.
How did you step up and power through?
Instead of suffering in silence and perpetuating the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors circling in your head, pour that shit out! On paper, in a private blog, yell it at the universe, in nature, talk to

Obstacles come and go--we get hurt, but know that you CAN heal yourself. 

You must first realize your own worth, put YOU first, and give yourself the power you need to grow. THAT is in our control.

From self pity to empowerment, know that if I can go from darkness to light, you can too beautiful <3

Sending you light and love

<3 Lauren
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