Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bride-to-Be Bootcamp

Fellow Bride-to-bes!! This is for YOU! <3

I'm looking for 10 DEDICATED brides to build a community of support with for an entire year+!
Let's sweat for the wedding, and BEYOND! This isn't about feeling your best on one day of your life, but every single step of the way, and continuing for the long haul!

This community will have:
*Daily intense workouts you can stream from home or take to the gym
*Superfoods to reduce those late-night cravings
*Support emotionally and physically
*Bridal gifts and tips
*Private group full of resources, meal plans, grocery lists, and wedding tips
*Access to an entire yoga studio at your disposal when you need to relax from planning and get in the right mindset
*A book club to help you stay positive, excited, and PRESENT!

Yes, there is an initial investment. This is a YEAR of support so we are with each other every.step.of.the.way. Venues, cake tastings, dress fittings, list making, meal prepping....we will be there for each other for the long haul! <3

Email me at with the Subject Line:"Say yes to the sweat!" and I'll respond within 24 hours!
**US/Canada Only Please*

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