Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Size Does NOT Fit All

I remember bringing slimfast to school one day in high school.

I felt so proud of myself, taking it out of my paper bag at lunch and drinking it instead of getting my normal carb-filled lunch from the cafeteria.

However, after gagging it down, I immediately felt super sick, and threw it out.

Over the years, I've tried so many quick fixes, fad diets, over exercising, obsessively calorie counting, and every time ended up the same: me bingeing and being back to square one.

It didn't work--nothing did. I think from high school to my second college (I went to 3), the only time I consistently saw progress was when I was walking every single day and doing some pilates workouts in my room. I didn't change my diet--I just made sure to do these things every day. Even though I was working on myself, I never enjoyed the process, nor treated my body with respect and love.

What I eat (consistently) has always been my #1 STRUGGLE. I talk to women every single day who deal with this. 
I can workout perfectly according to my exercise plan, and I love the workouts I do from my living room...but then there's the "diet."

I truly don't think there's a one size fits all approach--never have. That's why I tried so many diets! Even now, I like changing it up and I'm doing intermittent fasting.

I'm also a vegan. I portion out all my meal prep. I also love wine. And pizza. And I have a love-hate relationship with salads.

I truly think everyone needs to find what works best for THEM, but I do know from experience, and from working with hundreds of women over the past 3 years, that accountability is everything. If I don't check in with my workouts and meals every day, I am not showing up for my community.

If I see that someone hasn't logged their superfoods or workouts in a few days, I know that I would want someone to ask me what's going on and give me some tough love. This is how I stay on track consistently!

Workouts, diets, they come and go. And even though this is said entirely too much on social media, it really is all about balance. 

Eat as many plants as you can, take care of the only body you'll ever have, move it, lift weights, do yoga, walk, whatever....but more than anything, be proud of yourself every single day. If you are working out or dieting because you don't like your reflection in the mirror, when you reach your goals, you are not going to be satisfied (again, speaking from experience). I remember running every single day, doing pilates in my room, and eating under 1200 calories per day. I was also binging off and on because this was obviously not sustainable. 

I remember hopping on the scale and seeing the lowest weight I've ever been. I got excited, cried, then thought to myself that it wasn't good enough, that I'M not good enough. I needed it to drop MORE....meaning I didn't feel satisfied and kept downward spiraling.

You gotta love the journey! (and please make sure you are EATING enough!). Embrace all the ups and downs. Because your health and fitness are just that--a JOURNEY, not a number on a scale, not a certain body fat percentage...this is your life girl.

 Diets will work short-term, most do. But your health is about consistency. Diets suck. 

Instead, meal prep delicious foods, but also have that glass of wine on the weekends and a vegan cookie ;) Do what feels right for YOU and YOUR body!

Life is too short to be angry eating salad every day. Take care of your body, but more importantly...take care of your mindset, your confidence, your self-love, and realize that you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Now is your time to improve your life, in whatever area you want to.


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