Monday, May 29, 2017

Shift Shop Test Group Results and Review

Here it is!! My results from 21 days of being a TEST GROUP participant for Beachbody's newest program, SHIFT SHOP!

Three weeks of STRICT DISCIPLINE, a KILLER vegan meal plan, no alcohol, insanely difficult workouts (modifier available!), and shifting my MINDSET like crazy....I feel the STRONGEST I EVER have! This has truly been a mind, body, and SOUL transformation! Yes, the willpower was tough at first, the workouts tested my physical limits every day, but the trainer pushed everyone so hard mentally.

Every workout was like a personal growth session! So, my results! I am a little over 5 pounds gone....and 11.3 INCHES!!!! So many in my waist :)

I am beyond grateful for this incredible opportunity...and I get 3 more weeks with this community and best.trainer.ever!! Seriously, his motivation everyday, transparency, and genuine CARE for everyone in the group are just mind blowing!

For a full review, check out the video below with an overview of the workouts, meal plan, and my favorite part of this program....THE MENTAL SHIFT!!!

To join my PREP group before the official LAUNCH of Shift Shop, simply send me an email titled "READY TO MAKE THE SHIFT" and I'll make sure to get back to you asap since we start in JULY!!

Are you ready to SHIFT your body, mind, and soul and do MORE than you ever thought you were capable of?!

Spots are first come, first serve!


  1. I love your meal plan, I am vegan too. What calorie category was it?


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