Friday, May 26, 2017

Your Body, Your Choice


Years ago, I remember pouring my hard earned Yogurtland money into GroupOn fitness classes that would last a month, two max.

They did not include nutrition plans.
They did not include accountability to physically go.
They did not include superfoods to squash my cravings and gain energy.
They did not include meal prep containers.
They did not include an empowering community of positive women.
They did not include grocery lists.
They did not include a personal coach to keep me showing up.
They did not include recipes, meal prep tips, and step by step "how-to" guides on how to meal prep for my lifestyle.

I did not INVEST fully in myself long term. I saw fitness classes as my minimal effort to get in shape and love my body.

However, as a result of that, my nutrition was sh*t. I fell into a downward spiral because I was showing up to these classes...but they weren't long-term. I wasn't working on my mindset. I didn't have accountability.

Some people ROCK clean eating like nobody's business, are self-motivated, meal prep regularly, and research nutrition on their own time. That's freakin AWESOME, but that was sooo not me. And I feel like it's not the majority of women who are consistently using quick fixes to put a bandaid on their health.

Becoming your best self--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc takes hard work, dedication, and investing. We hear this often and it's so true: invest in your health now and save on the medical bills, medicines, pills, doctor visits later.

I was in and out of the doctor's office MONTHLY in college because I was simply not treating my body with respect. I'd go to random fitness classes, but none of the above was I continually quit over and over and over again. What that did to my confidence and self esteem was brutal! 

You are worth investing in your health. You deserve to love your reflection in the mirror--and coming from someone who used to avoid mirrors, I could not be more willing to help women discover their badass, beautiful selves both inside and out.

It starts with a decision. Short term or long term? Your body, your choice! 

If you need help with all of the above, I'm an email away <3

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