Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to Get a Bikini Body

How to get a bikini body: have a body and put a bikini on it. 👙

I've seen this quote, probably posted it because I agree with it, but I just don't understand it. 
This blog is going to get real and vulnerable.

I've always treated clothes with hatred. I've never ever wanted to wear anything remotely tight to prove that I even have curves. Shopping is always a nightmare. I used to cry putting on jeans because my thighs always rub together. They were always too tight and there was no way I was going to go up yet another size. 

Shorts were laughable, leggings always. 👌

Bikinis were a far off dream. Sure, I could just 'wear' one...but how can someone with zero self esteem, self love, and confidence feel comfortable enough in her own skin to put one on without tons of self doubt and internal battle? 

Bikinis are more revealing than bras, and WAY more vulnerable than sports bras.

They're seen as a sex symbol. And let me juuuust say that posing in a shirt or sports bra, flexing, and feeling confident is COMPLETELY different than being extremely exposed, unflexing with your curves hanging out. It's the truth 👊

So I wanted to make this blog (originally a post but it became way too long!) because ladies, I'm still at this point. I'm gaining confidence by the day, sometimes I'm like "omg I have a waist!"Yes, I feel proud of it, yes I'm going to post about it because I'm empowered AF (in that moment), but the bikini situation is something that will have to be worked up to. 

Shift Shop Progress 

Really. If you don't feel comfortable in one yet, you don't HAVE to go in the damn pool. 
Or, just wear what you want in there. I've always worn sundresses to the beach. 
Do I WANT to feel comfortable enough in a bikini someday where it's not an extremely emotional experience every time I even contemplate putting one on? OF COURSE!

But it's important to celebrate those small moments of empowerment...because many of them add up to huge significant change.

Work on loving yourself, your body, your confidence every single day, but be gentle too. If you're not ready for certain clothes, you're not ready. If it's going to be an emotional experience, do you girl.

No shame in posing in a sports bra and feeling like you can take on the world.
No shame in rocking a bikini.

But there IS a difference. Social media is posed, a million selfies are taken, editing happens, but I still find it empowering AF when years ago I wore a black pirate hoodie and trench boots and a bullet belt 😬 yes, things have changed A LOT! ;)

Now I actually wear colors, and show off my tattoos, and THAT to me, is a sense of pride. Someday, a bikini might be part of that. But I just want y'all to know that I'm human, I deal with insecurities like all people, and sports bra pictures post workout and "pre-breaking my fast" are completely different than rocking a bikini and I'm ok with that. 😎

Just doing ME and continually working on my self love muscle so I CAN just put on a bikini and not have a ton of self defeating thoughts in my head. We can't expect years and years of tearing ourselves down to just go away with a couple years of working on ourselves...same thing goes with our physique. We can't expect years of treating our body like crap to just go away after a few's a journey.

Keep up the positive self love talk, work on your body positivity at your own pace, and just keep swimming babe. Wear whatever you want, and never let anyone tell you otherwise! 😘

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