Friday, June 30, 2017

Vegan Girl Resources

What's up Vegan Girls?! It's been a while. I wanted to write up a blog that has just my TOP resources that I usually offer in my Vegan Girl Bootcamp. This is where I help my vegan clients with their health, fitness, meal plan, mindset, self love, and of course...vegan resources!

To get a short background on WHY I went vegan, check out this video I did live on my FB page :)

So many of us make a plant-based diet WAY too complicated.
But where do I get my protein? Plants.
But what do I eat? Food.
But won't I be starving? Nope.
But But But...

Dudes, educate yourselves. If you eat enough plants, you're getting TONS of nutrients...probably WAY more than the average "omnivore." I've been stuck in the over-complicating stage myself...but mainly because I wanted to stick to my unhealthy ways and overindulge in fake cheeses and meats and I strayed from whole, plant-based foods way too often.

Let's simplify this:

1. Educate Yourself

These are just a FEW of my absolute favorite vegan cookbooks and documentaries. They are super informative, and the cookbooks are filled with delicious, nutritious vegan recipes! I'd also like to add my newest FAVE documentary on here, What the Health. It's basically a sequel to Cowspiracy and both are on Netflix!

Take the weekend and do some homework. I promise the documentaries will be extremely eye-opening--just keep an open mind and heart.

On that note....2. Build up an Arsenal of Tools

Along with documentaries and cookbooks (the easiest to consume), there is a plethora of knowledge out there about living a plant-based lifestyle! Here are some of my favorite books to check out. If you are not a reader, explore on YouTube. Click here to watch my video on how veganism changed my life.

3. Practice by Taking Action!

Perhaps this blog intrigued you because you've been curious about a vegan lifestyle, or just cutting down on animal products. The best (and most fun) way to try it by taking action! Put your research to good use and check out some of the delicious foods on this grocery list. Make your way to a health food store and look at how many amazing new products there are for us vegans!

I also have 3 vegan meal plans I've personally used the past few weeks to lose 10+ pounds and 10+ inches and I feel incredible. You can find my favorite one here.

"Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy." --Gary L. Francione

If you are curious about this lifestyle, or in receiving my Vegan Girl Guide, an eBook where I go into how to easily transition to vegan, with more of my fave step-by-step recipes...shoot me an email or check out one of these platforms :)

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