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Top 10 Vegan Fall Comfort Food Recipes

Happy FALL beautiful tribe!! <3

Being in California, it hasn't felt like Pumpkin Spice anything up until now, so I thought I'd feature my TOP 10 Vegan Fall Comfort Food Recipes!!

I dug into my arsenal of blogs and favorite recipes (originally wanting to choose 5), but there were so many oldies but goodies I wanted to re-share as we approach the chilly months! What better way to celebrate the fall and winter months than with vegan comfort food?! YES PLEASE.

In no particular are my top 10 fall vegan FAVES:

This recipe is plant strong, and will trick your taste buds that you are actually eating the real thing. Full of nutritional yeast, carrots, onions, cashews, and coconut milk mixed with delicious spices, it can be baked to perfection with some whole wheat bread crumbs. It comes out bubbling and PERFECT for a vegan potluck ;) 

Please try the recipe...your tastebuds will thank you.

2. Lentil Mushroom Bolognese

In need of a omnivore friendly dish that is hearty, protein-packed, and absolutely delicious?! Look no further friends! This lentil mushroom bolognese can be put over zoodles, black bean noodles, squash noodles, spaghetti, gluten free pasta, or even just over more veggies! It is a crowd pleaser! This is from the Oh She Glows Every Day recipe book, but I took out some harder-to-find items :)

You'll have plenty of leftovers for the whole fam! Here is the recipe.

Unsure what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner that the whole family will enjoy? Want to spend some time in the kitchen crafting a dish with lots of love? This is the recipe for you! From the tofu ricotta to the cashew cream, and layers of gorgeous home made sauce, this is a MUST recipe for the holiday season!! Top it off with ground cashews and heirloom tomatoes and you'll have guests wanting seconds!!

Let's change it up a bit, shall we?! We have some solid meals, but what about hot cocoa to sit by the fire with and watch Nightmare Before Christmas? This recipe is SO good if you want to emulate the "original." Cacao powder, cashew milk, vegan marshmallows...I'll take 2!

Anyone else obsessed with curry?! I could seriously have it at every meal. What I love about curry is that you can totally make it your own! Add whatever veggies, pour it all over some basmati rice, and you have a warm comforting meal full of veggie goodness!

I used to be a cheese-addict, I can admit that. I loved quesadillas, so when I went vegan...I had to go on the hunt for a hearty, yet healthy recipe! Yes, there are vegan cheeses you can use...but I wanted something completely plant-based, so I turned to Engine 2 to help! Beans, spices, sweet potatoes...that's really all you need!!
And of course...some jalapeƱos! This goes great when you are low on groceries and don't want to leave your home due to the cold outside! ;)

Another recipe from Engine 2 is the Mushroom Stroganoff! This has been pinned over 12,000 times on my Pinterest, and I've received a TON of comments on it! I put the stroganoff on top of zoodles, but you can put it on anything you'd like! I know a lot of vegans who love mushrooms, so if that's you....TRY THIS!

Ta-da! Nutrient Packed hearty comfort food :)

Ok ok, I originally made this recipe when I was vegetarian...but it's SO EASY TO VEGANIZE! Literally you can take off the cheese or put vegan cheese on top and it's vegan! Boom, cruelty free! :) This dish is perfect for fall, or if you want to make a themed-dish! Use orange bell peppers, fill them with spicy stir fried tofu, beans, sauce, quinoa...tons of protein!

You can use portion control containers to prep this for the week, or even make extra filling to make yet another recipe! :)

Of COURSE I had to include one of my all-time fave vegan chili recipes! This one can also be portioned out, and it's full of different types of beans, "beef" crumbles, red wine, and red bell peppers! I top it with melted vegan cheese, nutritional yeast, and avocado for even more flavor! This lasts a LONG time, is perfect for freezing, or bringing to a Halloween party :)

I love topping mine with roasted cauliflower too :D SO DELICIOUS!!

Oh yes I did! Burritos have to be my go-to whenever I go out to eat. Mexican restaurants always have amazing vegan options, and ever since Chipotle came out with Sofritas, I have been experimenting to make one even better! Honestly, Chipotle hurts my stomach, and even though I LOVE spicy, the cross-contamination freaks me out there. SO, I decided to make my own version...which I think is better...and way cheaper ;)

If you love rice, use rice. If you love quinoa, use quinoa. If you would rather have sweet potatoes in your burrito bowl, go for it girl! This is bound to warm you up and keep you full on a chilly fall evening! <3

Since this recipe is super clean, I meal prep bowls for the week! :)

There you have it! My Top 10 Vegan Fall Comfort Food Recipes!! And as an added bonus...I just finished a bowl of my Loaded Vegan Pumpkin Chili, so I wanted to share the recipe that I tweaked! 

This is absolutely DELICIOUS, but I actually added a LOT more to it! I didn't use nutmeg, but I added the following to the list of ingredients: 1 can of chickpeas, 1 can of kidney beans, 2 chopped sweet potatoes, 1 orange bell pepper for that fall color and flavor, and I added an extra cup of water so it wasn't too thick! I love adding cayenne pepper to everything, along with Sriracha and nutritional yeast on top! This has to be my TOP favorite fall vegan comfort food recipe! You MUST TRY IT!!

What recipe are you going to try?! Comment below and let me know how it turns out, and if you want to see any other certain topics from me! :)

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