Friday, December 15, 2017

Excuses Do Not Change Your Life

So often I hear people making excuses for the most ridiculous things.
No matter what time of year, they'll always have the same excuse.
Excuses do not change your life, they keep you stagnant.
Want to know why?
You are not ready to take responsibility for your life and change your situation.

This stings, but look at every successful person. They didn't get to where they are now by making up excuses about not having enough time, resources, money, friends, family, support, etc. They got to where they are now because they failed forward, took responsibility for their lives, and changed what was necessary to move forward.

We all fail before we succeed--it's a part of life you might as well get comfortable being uncomfortable with.

Before I decided to put my health first, I faced eating disorders, binging, self hate, lack of funds, self doubt, different priorities, relationship problems, anger issues, and a perpetual cycle of depression.

I had to make a DECISION, make MYSELF a priority, and fail forward by taking it one day at a time. What do I mean by failing? Trying and not succeeding right out of the gate. If changing your life was easy, everyone would be doing it and living happily ever after.

But newsflash: no one is coming to save you. You have to do that yourself.

So I want to share with you something very powerful about all your excuses going through your head. Because I know that's happening.

They are simply justifications for why YOU are standing in your own way. I come from a place of tough love, because that is how I woke the hell up and realized that I'm the only person in charge of my life. If I couldn't change what needed to be done, I might as well give up. Because I'm on this planet to live big, have no regrets, and be the happiest and healthiest version of myself. That didn't come easy, that took me practically my whole life to turn around, but I'm here, I'm healthy, I'm happy, and I now help other women do the same.

But not when they're still stuck. Stuck and an excuse mindset = not ready

"Do any of the following sound familiar? I don't have the money, I have kids, I don't have kids, I am married, I am not married, I have to find balance in my life, I am overworked, I am underworked, too many people work here, we don't have enough people, my manager sucks/doesn't help me/won't leave me alone/is negative/is too jacked up, I don't like reading, I don't have time to study, I don't have time for anything, our prices are too high, our prices are too low, the customer won't call me back, the customer cancelled the appointment, people don't tell me the truth, they don't have the money, the economy is bad, the banks aren't lending, my owner is cheap, we don't have/can't find the right people, no one is motivated, people have bad attitudes, no one told me, it was someone else's fault, they keep changing their minds, I am tired, I need a vacation, the people I work with are losers, I'm depressed, I'm sick, my mom is sick, traffic is terrible, the competition is giving its product away, I have such bad luck..."

*DEEP BREATH* "will any of these excuses ever improve your situation? I doubt it." -- Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule

If something is important to you, you will find a way.

If not, you'll find an excuse.

All we have is the present, and I know from experience that if you wait for the right day to change your life, it'll never come. There will never be a right time; you must be desperate enough and hungry enough to CREATE IT.

Are you open and willing to create yours?

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