Thursday, March 22, 2018

80 Days of Focus -- Vegan Style

For the last 60 days, I have been LASER FOCUSED on my health and fitness.
No excuses. No BS. No more dabbling.

I woke up on New Years Day determined to rise. I will be the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST I have ever been in my life...THIS.YEAR. It also happens to be the year I get it's a win/win situation! :)

With hour-long workouts, a timed nutrition vegan meal plan, and mindset ON POINT, I've seen incredible results. I only have 20 days left, and I already can't wait to do another round. 

I've been asked multiple times to share my meal plan (which my clients have access to always), but I haven't been excited to share it publicly. I mean, I share what I eat daily on my IG stories (@LaurenMcHugh_14), I share my grocery list, my meal prep, even when I go grocery shopping....and I love doing that! BUT, I honestly get asked repeatedly even by people who have access to these meal plans. I had to figure this out myself. I work with clients 1 on 1 to help them reach their goals. They get first priority of course.

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We live in a world where veganism is on the rise, and getting easier and easier to do. It drives me CRAZY when people ask what I eat....because I eat the vegan version of what THEY eat. It's SO simple. I mainly get a bit annoyed because too often people just overcomplicate things. You don't need to have crazy ingredients and these heavy meals to make vegan doable. You also don't need bland meals that taste awful. I get a bit irked because you HAVE to do the work yourself. You have to figure out what works FOR YOU, what YOU like, how YOUR body responds, and how to COOK certain foods as a vegan. #BeResourceful

I mean, check out my grocery list:

That's it dudes. It's that simple. The only part you need to figure out is what your body best responds to. Can't handle grains? Cool, eat sweet potatoes instead. Don't like fake meat? Cool, eat beans and leafy greens and tofu. Don't like these veggies? Cool, eat ones you love. Don't like almond milk? Cool, there are tons of plant-based milks to try. In fact, there are so many new vegan brands out there, it confuses me when people write off a certain food. "I don't like tofu." Ok, so you have tried EVERY brand? You have tried different ways to season it? Drain it? Cook it? Hmm, I doubt it girlfriend.

Most people who say these things just want to justify why they can't go vegan. Did I hit a nerve there? Well, I've seen it happen countless times. No, it's not hard to eat fruits and vegetables and plant-based proteins and fill yourself up. No, it's not hard to find delicious vegan brands (hello Amazon). You just have to put in a bit more effort. Just like when you first start meal prepping (no matter what lifestyle you have), there is a bit of a learning curve. You have to try new spices, new brands, new recipes, see how your body reacts, time it all takes a bit of effort right?

Get creative. Find what YOU enjoy. Discover NEW ways to cook. Try NEW brands. Try new FLAVORS of new brands. *Rant over* You get the point though right? Do some research yourself, and have fun with it!

For me, the following meals at these times of day work best. Again, for me. All of my clients are on different plans. This totally depends on your schedule, body type, how much of what food group you'll be allotted in a day, etc! I'm obsessed with my meal plan, and I have found that it's SO easy to stick to. Sometimes I'll change up my fruits and veggies, but I pretty much stick to the same meals every single day. It's been 60 days and I'm not bored yet ;) I'm a creature of habit, but I change things up if I feel like my body needs it or I want new flavors! Variety is important, especially with your veggies, so change it up! :)
 If you have questions about the certain foods on here, feel free to send me an email:

My favorite high protein burger brand is Beyond Meat. I make these burgers in bulk for the week. I also add the 25 calorie unsweetened vanilla almond/cashew milk blend to my nightly smoothies, and I prefer almond butter over peanut. (It might sound tedious but I get asked these questions all the time). Have questions about the supplements I use? Feel free to email me. All my clients use what I do to get optimal results with their nutrition. 

If you want to get involved in my community, get one on one coaching with me, daily accountability, access to this workout program, vegan meal plan (including portion control containers to simplify meal prep), the superfoods I've been drinking for over 4 years straight, and absolutely CRUSH your goals with me this year, fill out this application to be considered. I only work with a limited amount of clients since I do value personal communication daily. If you are ready to drop your excuses, let's do this together girl <3


  1. Hi there..can you have the recovery as a vegan?

  2. great!!
    This is exactly what you need this Morn Vutha.
    I'll buy weights for you to practice at home kkk !!
    Thanks for the post very much


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